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Jillian Michaels Has Man Shoulders

March 17, 2010

Matt –

I didn’t want to write this blog on Monday for a very specific reason. I have a tendency to quit my workout routines. Yeah, I know. If you read Jump to Conclusions Matt then you know I’ve tried a couple of workout binges. None of them stuck. So on Monday, I started one that I won’t fall off of!

I had blogged last week or so about P90x and how I was interested. Well I guess it was meant to be, Ashley’s mom happened to have a full set of it that she was so graciously willing to loan out for awhile.

The program is split up into 12 DVD’s. They cover systems like “Core Synergistics”, “Shoulders and Arms”, “Chest and Back”, and nine others. I read up on it over the weekend and popped in my first of the 12 DVD’s on Monday afternoon.

I haven’t been able to operate the same since. I grunt, I groan, I curse the heavens, I do it all. This stuff is intense. They say you won’t be able to do all of the exercises at first. I originally responded with the eyebrow raise of all eyebrow raises. Really? C’mon. I’m in decent shape. I’m just in a different shape then most people who are in shape.

I was able to complete about 60% of the workout before I was begging for mercy. It made me angry that the happy people on the screen were thinking this was fun. It is not fun. Yet.

Strangely, I do see myself having fun with this after awhile. The workouts are not your typical pushups and situps and pushups again. They are interactive, whole body workouts that really use everything.

Ashley is doing something very similar, but less manly. Supposedly, everyone loves this Jillian Michaels lady. I dunno. She has man shoulders. Not broad shoulders. Manly, muscular shoulders that stare at you if you aren’t jump roping  fast enough.


The program is called 30 Day Fat Shredding from Hell and Abandon. Or something like that. I thought I would use it as a warmup. I was indeed wrong. She kicked my butt yesterday.

I need to go cry now, but be on the lookout for more updates on how this is going. I took some pictures to do a comparison later, but I’m not ready to show ’em until I can say I look better! You guys have a good week.

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  1. March 18, 2010 11:16 am

    You thought you would Shred as a WARM UP????? Hilarious!!

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