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Getting Past the Hump

March 18, 2010

Whew. I am so glad that it is Thursday (a.k.a. the day after “hump” day). This week seems to be going really slowly. Probably because it is the week after Spring Break. Got used to all that free time. Plus there really is something about the whole “springing forward” and losing an hour. I know one hour shouldn’t make that big of a difference, but during that first week it feels like it’s too early to go to bed every night and too early to be waking up every morning. It probably doesn’t help that I actually did wake up an hour early yesterday morning to finish off some homework. Oh well. The weekend is almost here, and I fully intend to sleep in on Saturday (well deserved I say).

I know Matt already talked to y’all about our working out so I won’t bore you with how much Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt for 20 minutes every day. But lets just say I grimace every time I have to walk down the stairs. Unfortunately, I have several classes in basement of buildings or on the third floor, but I don’t want to look like a pansy by taking the elevators.

Perhaps you’d like to hear about how I’m dating Shaq though? You see the love of my life is obsessed with basketball. I’m not sure how you could’ve missed it before, but lets be clear – the only things Matt loves more than basketball is me, his friends, and family. Maybe coffee. Maybe sleep. The jury is still out on those two. Whenever he has free time, he goes and plays basketball at the SLC. Whenever he is bored and near his computer, he is probably watching a sports clip or looking at basketball shoes online. If he wants to escape the computer screen, he is probably watching sports on television or playing his NBA game on his Xbox.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that he joins a basketball intramural team every spring. This year, they call themselves team USA. Of course the jerseys are red, white, and blue. Also, each of the guys chose a NBA player’s name to put on the back. Matt chose Shaquille O’Neal. Sure I see the similarities. Shaq is 7 ft 1 in. Matt is not… although he is definitely taller than me! Shaq is black. Matt is secretly a vampire. Shaq was supposedly a rapper and an actor as well. Matt likes to listen to music and watch movies (not about Shaq but in general). Almost scary how similar they are, right?

As a loyal and supportive fiancee (or so I tell myself), I try to attend every game. I could only make half of yesterday’s game because I had a meeting to attend during the second half. But boy did the first half make me laugh. You see the other team only had four guys. It should have been a slam dunk (pardon the pun). However, these were no ordinary guys. Have you ever seen Space Jam? If not, I’m sure Matt would be willing to loan it to you. But if you have, remember the funny looking little aliens? Really wimpy looking. Now remember when they transformed into the big scary monsters? Yeah that is who the boys were playing against. Even though our guys had nearly twice as many players, they were almost all slightly (if not significantly) shorter plus a lot less beefy.

So what should’ve been an easy win was actually a little bit of a challenge. Our guys were making better shots, but the other guys were able to swat some of those shots with ease. When I left at halftime, our guys were up but only by five points. Thankfully, after my meeting, I ran into one of the guys on Matt’s team (Matt was already at work, and I didn’t want to interrupt him). I was walking/talking to a friend, but he got my attention since he kept yelling, “Hey. Hey. HEY. MATT’S GIRLFRIEND!” He just wanted to let me know that they had won the game. But apparently not by much. I believe he called it “embarrassing.” I’m glad they won though. Boys get very cranky when they lose (just teasing you baby!).

So that’s all I’ve got for you today. I intend to spend my day playing with chemicals and drugs (my organic chemistry lab and my clinical rotation at the hospital pharmacy). Followed up by a nice study session for Friday’s test.  Lucky Matt had all of his classes cancelled for the day so I guess he can play some of that bassssssssketballllllll.

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  1. Hansen permalink
    March 18, 2010 11:44 am

    “the only things Matt loves more than basketball is me, his friends, and family.”

    “his friends”

    lol, good one.

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