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7 Quick Takes (2)

March 19, 2010

Here at the Ol’ DSofT, we like to be random. Friday seems an appropriate day to do this.

1. Matt – Baylor Men’s basketball got their first tournament win since the 1950’s! An ugly win over Sam Houston State gets us to the second round where we will face a slow, grind-it-out type offense from Old Dominion. If we can control the tempo, it’s our game. Assuming we take care of business, we travel to the Sweet Sixteen Regional in Houston. If at all possible, I am going to find tickets and make an excuse to go home. History in the making!!!

2. Ashley – Eep! I have a calculus 2 test today. Why are you taking that so late in college, Ashley? Shouldn’t you have taken it back in freshman year when you actually remembered calculus? Why yes. I most certainly should have (oh yes that is sarcasm). But it isn’t required for my major or Texas medical schools. So I was pretty much doing a happy dance with my calculus 1 credit until I started looking at medical schools outside of Texas last summer…… Turns out they require a second math instead of biochemistry (unlike Texas schools). I want to go to school in Texas but I figure it’s better to keep my options open. So wish me luck on my test!

3. Matt –  I suck at yoga. I tried yoga. I made an honest attempt. I am not flexible. I am not good at yoga. Thursday was Yoga for P90x. As somebody who had never done this before, I really struggled. I was really hyped about the idea of being more flexible and having a larger range of motion (for basketball purposes), but this lone DVD really frustrated me. Going to try to get back on the right track with a new workout DVD today.

4. Ashley – According to WikiAnswers, the average adult says an average of 16,000 words a day. I don’t know about y’all, but probably every 83rd word out of my mouth is not said correctly. Do the math people. I mispronounce 193 words every day! That’s a lot. I’m embarrassed on a frequent basis. But I have to admit I thought it was really funny when a girl in my class kept talking about the “polo epidemic.” She meant to say “polio” but spent five or so minutes talking about the dangers of polos. I couldn’t help imagining what a polo epidemic would look like. Would everyone suddenly start wearing polos all the time? How would we list it in textbooks? Acute Ralph Laurenitis? The inability to resist the polo player logo? How would we vaccinate against it? Sometimes tangents are fun.

5. Matt – This week has been…interesting. The last two days I haven’t had class for varying reasons. Instead of feeling relaxed like most normally medicated people would, I got an anxiety attack this morning. I guess I started feeling like I hadn’t done something I needed to do or that I was behind after not being in class for so long. It probably had something to do with the very little sleep or the coffee only breakfast I had.

6. Ashley – Matt told you about our engagement photo shoot last week. I waited impatiently all weekend, and the pictures were ready on Tuesday. They were great except for one problem. A construction fence is in the background in quite a few of them. Our photographer said it could be photoshopped out at the time (otherwise we would’ve moved to begin with), but of course it can’t. As the person paying for these pictures and a photographer herself (not professionally but her work is awesome), my mom was not happy. Understandable. The photographer was apologetic and offered to do another photo shoot. Matt and I are trying to schedule that sometime in the upcoming weeks. Here is one of my favorites though in spite of the fence:

7. Ashley – Hooray for Friday. This week felt like two weeks in one. But that is okay because the weather is beautiful (sunny with cool breezes), my muscles are no longer killing me (which sadly means I’ll probably need to move to level 2 of Jillian’s workout next week), and I actually have time for a nap (a.k.a the college student’s best friend). Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(Also make sure to submit questions for next week’s Texas Tuesday. Otherwise we are going to have to keep stealing from other people. Please and thank you!)

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  1. Hansen permalink
    March 19, 2010 1:05 pm

    I fixed the picture for y’all. You’re welcome.

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