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Wif a Little Bit of Luck, Even UNI Wins

March 22, 2010

Matt –

This Monday morning is not much different from most. I “woke up” and “showered” and “went to school” just as all Mondays. However there are a few things that changed over the weekend.

First off, our March Madness lost one of its alleged best. Kansas University, #1 ranked overall team in the tournament was eliminated in dramatic fashion by the powerhouse hot-shooting Panthers of Northern Iowa. The #9 seed came out fearless, oblivious to the hype Kansas was getting (even President Obama had picked the Jayhawks to win it all). Ali Farokhmanesh, guard for UNI hit the game clinching 3 with about a half-minute left in regulation. As the band Spoon so eloquently put it, “You’ve got no fear of the Underdog, that’s why you will not survive”!

Ali Farokhmanesh knocked down 5 of 9 three pointers to upset the KU Jayhawks.

On a side note, Baylor men’s basketball advanced, beating Old Dominion, for its first Sweet Sixteen placement EVER. This is history, and I don’t intend on missing it. That’s right, I will be attending the South Regional sessions in Houston! I’ve always been jealous of those who got tickets or bought them, so I finally pulled the trigger!

Yesterday found me inside, watching even more hoops. Basketball finally ended for the weekend, placing me in the need to find something else to watch while studying. Ashley has always suggested the movie My Fair Lady. I can’t say I was chomping at the bit to watch a musical during March Madness as it seemed very contradictory to everything tournament time is, but it was time to concede. (Ashley gets slighty overwhelmed with basketball during this time of year. We are in the process of conditioning her slowly.)

I have to say, even though I loved my high school’s rendition of it, the movie’s cast is absolutely incredible. You won’t hear me say it much, but I have a huge crush on Audrey Hepburn now.

Tomorrow is the third edition of Texas Tuesday. We are always accepting new questions to answer!

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