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Texas Tuesday (3)

March 23, 2010

So this is our first week where we aren’t scrambling to find questions for Texas Tuesday. Awesome! Normally we are IM’ing friends or stealing from Roots and Rings at this time. Instead, Samantha (a.k.a. sister, art genius, and future maid of honor) was kind enough to put together some questions over the weekend. And we even had someone send in five questions for next week! Keep ’em coming people. Questions are welcome one and all. And now for your viewing pleasure…

1. If you had super powers what would they be?

Matt – My super power would definitely be the ability to duplicate anything in one hand into the other. Think about it: my wallet has $40 in it. Now: BOTH MY WALLETS HAVE $40 IN THEM. WAHOO!

Ashley – Telekinesis maybe? It always seems cool in movies when people start moving things with their mind. Plus it’d be fun to freak people out. Or maybe the power to eat whatever I want without gaining weight? No more Jillian workouts! Ice cream every day! Or the power to speed read and have memorized everything I’ve read? That’d sure be handy as a student/doctor.

2. If you had the ability to get a message out to the entire world, what would you say?

Matt – “Uh, hey. Well, thought you would be at home. Uh, did I remember to turn the oven off? Call me back or text if I’m in a meeting.”

Ashley – Does anyone else get Matt’s answer? I think I’m going to pull a beauty pageant on this one and say something about world peace. Or maybe a Beatles? About how all you need is love?

3. Who is your favorite Disney character?

Matt – Either Aladdin or Mushu from Mulan. Aladdin had some serious mack skills. Did you see him get that princess to like him? Awesome. Mushu was hilarious. But in the end, the dude with the flying carpet wins.

Ashley – Ariel from the Little Mermaid. That was my favorite movie growing up. Back when people actually watched VHS (oh so many moons ago), we had to buy a second copy because I wore the first one out. When mom was pregnant with Samantha (and had to stay home for medical reasons), we’d watch it at least once a day (if not two or three times).

4. In a zombie apocalypse, do you think you would survive?

Matt – You bet. My strategy depends on the type of zombie we are talking here. If they are the more advanced “Hey I haven’t lost my ability to run and climb stairs and stuff” kind of zombie, I would pretty much follow the rules layed out for us in Zombieland. If we are talking the “Severely physically reduced state” zombies that basically roam around until you LET THEM BITE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID”, then I would barricade myself and my loved ones in the biggest house we could safely barricade.  I would then basically try to gather and secure as much territory around the house as I safely can, creating a new city.

Ashley – Of course. I’m invincible. Or at least I’m not stupid. Why does the girl always seem to wear ankle-breakers (high heels) while running from the bad guy? Take them off and RUN!!!

5. If you answer to the previous question was no, how do you think you would die?

Matt – I don’t have the ability to die from a zombie attack. It’s not in my DNA.

Ashley – I thought we went over this already. I’m invincible.

6. Have you ever been pinched on St. Patrick’s Day?

Matt – YES ALL THE TIME. EVERY SINGLE ST. PATTY’S DAY. Even if I am wearing green.

Ashley – Uhhhhh yes. In fact, I probably should’ve been pinched this year. But Matt had mercy on me. I very clearly remembered being pinched in elementary school though. My mom’s gym had a kids play area (It was like a mini-Discovery Zone. Who else remembers those?), and it was St. Patrick’s Day. I was wearing my Girl Scouts pants, which were green with colorful flowers all over them. Now I know Girl Scouts green is not the “Irish” green. But green is green on St. Patty’s Day, right? Not according to one kid. He told me I was wearing the “wrong” shade of green and proceeded to pinch me. He’s just lucky I didn’t hit him.

7. What is your favorite thing on the walls of your room (if there is anything on the walls of your room)?

Matt – Ash made some awesome bulletin board style posters for my room. She decorated them all with pictures of my friends, family, and hobbies. Really cool looking wall art.

Ashley – Probably my Audrey Hepburn print. I had been admiring it at Target for the last year and a half or so. But I never really felt justified in buying it since I already have so many awesome things on my wall (and more important things to spend my money on – such as the whole eating thing). Matt surprised me with it for Christmas though. The next Audrey movie I’m hoping to make Matt watch (as soon as I wear him down) is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

8. What is the best concert you have ever been to?

Matt – Either Brad Paisley at the Rodeo last year, or The Airborne Toxic Event at ACL last October. Both brought real energy to the stage. Really enjoyed both, but in the end it is probably Brad. You could tell he was having a lot of fun on stage.

Ashley – I must say I really enjoyed Brad too even if we were in the nosebleeds. I had never really listened to his music before plus there was all that rodeo fun. Concerts I wish I had gone to/was supposed to go to: Spice Girls (in elementary school, my mom got tickets for me, my sister, some family friends, and their daughters but instead I went to Poland for a month) and Boys Like Girls/Metrostation (I won radio tickets two summers ago but had to take a physics test).

9. At an amusement park, what is your favorite ride?

Matt – The Tidal Wave at the old Six Flags water park…or whereever it is or was. Loved it. Hated it the first time, but after that I was hooked. I’ve never had the cajones to ride “The Viper”. I was a scaredy cat back then.

Ashley – None. Seriously, I HATE roller coasters, dungeon drops, and things that throw you up in the air to dangle helplessly at the mercy of some guy with the lever. I was terrified of heights as a kid. Oh sure, I can get past it. Been to the top of plenty of tall buildings. I’ve even been on some of those “fun” rides. But I’d much rather watch my family and friends go on the rides instead of doing them myself. Water parks are cool though.

10. What myth have you always wanted to prove or bust?

Matt – This is a super hard question. Mythbusters has corrupted me. I can’t come up with any original ones…except…can poppy seeds really cause you to fail a drug test?

Ashley – Does lightning really never strike the same place twice? Better yet, are you really more likely to get struck by lightning than attacked by a shark? Oh and do alligators really live in our sewers? Answers I both want and don’t want to know. Sometimes it’s more fun to let myths be myths.

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