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Family Matters

March 25, 2010


I sit here tonight, watching Father of the Bride 2. There is a scene where the younger family leaves for Boston from their home in LA. It crushed me. How can you stand to see your newborn grandson leave!?!? Which is when it kinda clicked. You know how your parents and grandparents always say “No matter how old you are, you will always be that cute little baby in the carseat/stroller/high chair”? Well it’s true. We don’t have that frame of reference, mainly because we aren’t parents.

My family has always been very tight knit. Most of us live in Houston, the few who don’t live no farther than Austin or Oklahoma. I think I take for granted how it’s positively affected my life having my loved ones so close.

For forever, my mom’s parents have lived literally across the street. Knowing that Nana and Papa (read being spoiled) are just a few steps away was quite fun. Not only that, but my dad’s parents are just a short drive away. I can’t really picture my life where both sets of grandparents aren’t within 30 minutes of driving or less. (Obviously this is true now, which I will touch on here in a sec.)

You can’t go see them on a whim or even most weekends, so your relationship with them would change drastically. (Maybe not today with the great advances in communication technology, but nothing replaces in-person contact.) I guess my point is, I’ve always known that family was important, but it took a while to click just HOW important family is. These are people who have known you your entire life, who have helped raise you, who have loved you for longer than you can remember.

But when the child moves away (to college for instance), things obviously change. When I come home from school, my parents and family are elated. They love having me home, talking to me about what’s been going on in my life, and listening to stories that I’ve collected. Life is great for a few days. Until Day 3 or 4 hits. Then my habits from Waco start to clash with the way my family lives their everyday lives. I’m used to being on a schedule that invovles two people (Ash and myself) while my family is running on a schedule that involves three, plus some. Doesn’t change the fact that I love ’em.

This brings me to the thought that, hey, in a year and some change I might have to leave my family for a period of time to follow Ash to medical school. While I’m excited as all get out for new opportunities, it makes you wonder how those relationships will change.

I’m not terribly sure where I was going with this post. I guess it is just a collection of musings about the topic.

Just a heads up for those interested, I will be posting my research paper that I complteted based on the findings over this past semester: the difference between multiple choice and open-ended questions and how students perform on both.

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