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7 Quick Takes (3)

March 26, 2010

We’re headed to Houston for some March Madness, but we couldn’t leave y’all without a post!

1. Matt – Like I said, we are headed to Houston in a matter of hours to go watch our beloved Baylor Bears take on the Gaels of St. Mary’s. Omar Samhan, the center for St. Mary’s, has been talking a lot of smack about how the Baylor big men won’t like “getting pushed around” by a person his size. Uh. Meet Josh Lomers.


Hi, Omar. Hope you're doing well.


In conclusion, a poster by the name of “Meter” on posted this little rhyme about St. Mary’s and Mr. Samhan.


That big Samhan
That big Samhan
I do not like that big Samhan

Do you like St. Mary’s man?
I do not like them or Samhan.
I am a Sic ‘em – Baylor fan.

Josh will not let him in the lane.
Udoh will drive him quite insane.
Our zone will be nagging pain.

And we will CRUSH St. Mary’s Man,
St. Mary’s and the big Samhan.

Will that open up the three?
Oh, Not with AJ, Lace and Tweet.

They will not like our D you see
Our D will drive them to their knees.

Udoh will drive him quite insane
Rejections then will fall like rain.

Our D will stop St. Mary’s man,
St. Mary’s and the big Samhan.

Will our offense reign supreme?
Can we bring it as a team?

Threes in a stream
Coach Drew will beam
Flush down the drain
Acy’s insane.

St. Mary’s cannot touch us man.
St. Mary’s even with Samhan.
It is of course our “sic em” fate
The Baylor Bears are one of eight.

Would we – could we
Show them all?
How to own the

We will – We Still
Own them all.

We will OWN St. Mary’s, man
St. Mary’s and the big Samhan.

2. Ashley – I shadowed with a chaplain yesterday and witnessed my first hospital death. Not really sure I can put into words what it’s like to be a part of that moment. To know you have no real connection to the person in the bed. And yet feel awful for the family crying and the confused relatives rushing through the halls. The sound of the heart monitor slowly stopping. The medical and nursing students standing outside the door unsure of what’s next. It isn’t like what you see on television. It’s a lot more real. I’d like to say more but I’m a little unclear on where HIPPA draws its lines. Plus I’m still processing it myself.

3. Matt – My laptop….is an interesting machine. I think it  has harbored bad feelings against me ever since it came into my life. You see, this laptop is a replacement laptop. It’s predecessor got stolen out of my dad’s truck in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. This laptop was chosen second, and I don’t think it intends on letting that fact go. The main issue is that this machine will run for about an hour, no matter if it is plugged in or running on battery, but will then shut down. Not like a proper Windows shut down process, the power will just WHOMP. Go off. I’ve treated it nicely…I put new RAM in it, I clean the screen and keyboard….but yet it still hates its owner.

4. Ashley – I thought this week was going to be easier than last week. Turns out not so much. Lots of meetings (thesis, AED, etc.) and catching up from last week. This weekend is going to be crazily busy as well. Matt told you we are going to the game today. In case you’ve never driven between Waco and Houston, that’s a three hour drive assuming the traffic isn’t bad. Then we have to come back to Waco early in the morning so I can participate in Steppin’ Out – a Baylor-wide service day that many organizations (including a couple I belong to) participate throughout the Waco community. Assuming we win tonight’s game, we are then headed back to Houston for the Bears playing against Duke or Purdue. To wrap up the weekend, we’ll be driving back to Waco since I have bioethics at 8 a.m on Monday. It’s going to be a loooooong weekend.

5. Matt – So, Jillian is kicking my butt. This past week I haven’t really had a whole hour between classes to workout, eliminating the possibility of a full P90x DVD workout. Instead, for the past few days I’ve been doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shredder with Ashley. My oh my. For the guys reading right now, it’s harder than you think. I’ve been sore just about every day since last Monday, which is when I started this whole “being healthier” nonsense.

6. Ashley – In case anybody was wondering how Thursday’s lab went, it was much better. My partner mentioned that the girls she partnered with in the later lab were not nearly as lovable and intelligent as me (okay she said something more like it made her nervous how these girls didn’t bother wearing gloves and were dancing around the lab). Things went a little slowly (please read: we were the last ones to leave) but we finished. And that’s what counts. No lab horror stories on my part, but one of the other girls did spill some nitric acid on herself. Not much but enough that it ate through her glove and was burning her skin a little. She had to wash her hand for 30 minutes while the TA called poison control. In the end, she had to go get ointment and a bandage. See I’m not exaggerating on the dangers of lab!!!

7. Matt – Waco weather is driving me nuts. I usually check the temperature before I go outside, but it never helps. A good example? This morning. Low of 52, high of 68. Comfy right? NO. The REAL temperature outside was more like 40 at the time. So much for the “Low Temp of the Day”. I guess more of the blame is put on the information I get from the internet. But still. Cold. March. No me gusta.

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