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Bleeding Green and Gold

March 29, 2010

Ash –

So we left y’all talking about how excited we were for the Baylor game. And boy was Friday’s game fantastic! As soon as we were both done with classes, we packed up, Baylored up, grabbed some McAllister’s for the road, and drove the three hours back home.

this is what Bayloring up looks like

No traffic. The sun was shining. It was glorious. The game was even better. Great seats (section 131 row 27). Tons of Baylor fans. Lots of foods that are bad for you. But what did we care? This was the Sweet Sixteen, baby! PS who knew the Nutty Bavarian was so good? Add some ice cream and french fries, and you’ve achieved the junk food trifecta.

Anyway, poor St. Mary’s must have been having an off night because we crushed them. If I recall my facts correctly, we held them to their lowest halftime score of the season (46-17). At one point, Sir Dunn (aka LaceDarius) had the same number of points as St. Mary’s as a whole (still 17 at the time). Thankfully, they picked up their game a little during the second half, but we still ended with a fairly large victory of 72-49. GO BEARS!

Debating whether we should drive back that night or wake up at an inhumane hour, we decided to tough it out and drive back that night. By “we,” I mean Matt. I sure do love him and how driving late at night doesn’t bother him. I passed out before we were even out of Houston. Despite all that sleep, I was still exhausted the next morning. After a long week of waking up tired every morning, I desperately needed just ONE day of sleeping in…. but it wasn’t going to be Saturday.

Matt must be a better person then me. He was in no way required to volunteer like I was. I made it clear all week long that he was more than welcome to sleep in after driving me back. After all, I wanted to sleep in, and I hadn’t been driving. Mom even offered to be the one to run me back to Waco for the day. However, he insisted on coming to help out in the community.

up at 10:30 am to help paint

It turned out to be a good time though. The organization I’m a part of (AED) was assigned to scrape a mother’s house and shed (the paint was peeling pretty badly) and then re-paint it. So about forty of us spent the next four hours doing just that. Got to talk with friends (who I typically only get to see during meetings) and do our good deed for the day. The house may not have looked perfect when we were done, but it definitely looked better. On the other hand, we looked a little worse for the wear: slightly sunburnt, “dandruff” (really paint chips) in our hair, etc.

Still, Matt and I were proud of ourselves. We dropped off some friends, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed back to our apartments to clean up and re-pack. I made us some CD’s, he grabbed us some coffee, and we were ready to hit the road yet again.

As a side note, I found out on our way back that my sister (the art genius) placed 3rd at the state-wide TAPPS for her “on site drawing” (the students are presented with some sort of still life and given two hours to draw whatever they see). I told you last time they had kind of a Texan theme. This time, it was just a random jumble of things: hat, flowers, windmill, etc. Sam typically prefers to focus on one specific area rather than the entire thing. This time she focused on a geometric man.

here's the bronze winning artwork

Back home once more, Matt and I used Saturday evening and Sunday morning as a chance to spend time with our respective families. Not entirely sure what he did, but that meant I went with my mom to pick up my sister from school (TAPPS was in Austin) and drop her off at a friend’s house Saturday night. Then, the family spent Sunday morning eating right and doing the Jillian workout. I was okay with that though because I got to sleep in!!! Cue my happy dance.

We were pumped for Sunday’s game. It was us against Duke. We were making Baylor history by even getting this far. That is to say, the Elite Eight (for the record, I love all the alliteration). Matt and I had picked up Baylor shirts for my family to wear to the game. Plus it seemed like all the “signs” were pointing toward a win. For example, we passed a moon bounce with basketballs on the way home. Or as Matt liked to called it, “A wonderland of magic and dunks.” Not to mention, the men’s bathroom line at the game was twice as long as the women’s line! When does that happen??? Surely, the world had gone topsy-turvey. Was a Baylor win in the works as well?

if you can't tell, the one shirts says "i bleed green and gold" and the other has the baylor bear

We were neck and neck nearly the entire game. A true nail biter. It was looking good until those last two and a half minutes. Bad shots. Too many fouls. Some controversial calls. Not enough rebounds. I could say more, but I’m still mourning our Bear’s loss (78-71). I’ll admit I was very bitter about our loss. I’m still of the opinion that the win should’ve gone to the team with the fans that were actually awake.

i'm just being silly, people

However, that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Either way the Bears came far. Considering how low we were ranked in the Big 12 alone (I think we were supposed to be something like the 8th or 10th best out of the 12). Not to mention the fact our basketball program was nearly destroyed less than a decade ago. We came far by making it to the top 8 in the nation. And like Matt told a crying boy we walked past on our way out, “We’ll do better next year.”

In the meantime, we are back at school. Lady Bears play tonight so maybe they’ll make it to the Final Four. Only a four day school week either way! And who knows. I might even mature enough to cheer Duke on this weekend. But that’s a big maybe.

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  1. Judi permalink
    March 29, 2010 11:43 am

    Very nice Ashley. And I found the comments about the sleeping Duke fans very funny!

  2. Flo permalink
    March 29, 2010 2:18 pm

    Great blog, Ash – and Baylor has done very well this year, I agree! Lady Bears tonight – Good Luck.


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