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March 31, 2010

Matt –

<cracks knuckles> Well let’s see here. It’s the first actual open-ended blog from me in awhile. What to talk about? Lately my life has been centered around a couple things;

  • working out
  • not eating as much like a pig
  • Baylor basketball (quick shoutout to the women’s team who clinched a Final Four spot!)
  • surviving school

Griner and my Bears beat Duke to advance to the Final Four!

I’m managing to do all, but its definitely a struggle. Jillian and Tony aren’t making ANYTHING easier. Yet strangely, I’m happy about that. I think the hardest part is over in that I expect to workout everyday, I expect to work hard and sweat and struggle, and I expect to be sore everyday. Not expecting it lets the “hey lets take a day off” sneak into your mind. That is a BAD thing to have sneak in because that one day turns into a week and that week causes the need for a total restart to your program.

All in all, no major visible results yet, but I’m starting to feel stronger and less winded after running. My arms are showing very slight improvements in definition and strength. My legs… well… they’re just sore nonstop.

The workouts I do with Jillian and Tony are actually quite similar. While Tony focuses on one major type of workout a day, Jillian touches on many of them. My favorite/least favorite so far? Plyometrics. If you want to see them, go search YouTube. I didn’t find any I was crazy about to show you guys. In any case, plyometrics are where you load your muscles then powerfully release. Jumping plays a huge role, as does squatting (something that I can no longer do today because of yesterday). This is by far the hardest section of each workout program, but it gets the best results.

All this said, I have a LOT of work to do. And most of it will need to come on the nutrition end. If you guys know me, you know I have a sweet tooth. For those of you who attended middle school with me, remember the Mrs. Baird’s Cinnamon Sugar mini donuts?

The one's on your left. Heaven sent or the devil's work?

Well at this time in my life, I had no self control…or desire to have it in the first place. I would easily eat two or three packs of 6 during a lunch period. What was I doing?!?!? Each of those packages has… drumroll… about 400 calories a package. So around 800 calories a day just blown on sugary sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But I’m not sure it was worth it because of the sweet tooth I developed after it (I still crave and love all things cinnamon and sugar).

In high school, my friends and I would have ice cream sandwich eating contests. To keep whatever sliver of pride that remains I won’t tell you exactly how many I ate one day, but it was in the double digits.

Case in point, I know I need to start looking out for the worst things I eat. Ash suggested the idea of keeping a food journal for at least a week to increase my awareness.

So keep a journal I will! Next week, at the end of every post, I will list what I ate the previous day (and be completely honest with it too) and how many calories correspond. My goal necessarily isn’t to lose weight, but rather to tone up and just increase general athleticism.

Do you guys have any tips as to how to trick yourself into eating well? Any programs that work? Or does it just take plain ol’ discipline?

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  1. Flo permalink
    March 31, 2010 9:45 pm

    Find foods you like that ARE good for you – veggies r best, fruit is great, protein is a must. Make sure to always have lots of the good stuff around. Allow yourself one day of something you love but know you shouldn’t have often. Choose complex carbs instead of the same old standbys. So proud of your exercise discipline. Keep it up Matt.

  2. Hansen permalink
    March 31, 2010 9:36 am

    Hey Matt, let’s go to Whataburger.

  3. Cat permalink
    April 1, 2010 12:46 pm

    Hey Matt! (Cat from TED). is amazing for tracking your food intake. Keep a written journal like Ashley suggested (or just remember everything you ate) and then log onto —> bottom of the page where it says MyPyramid Tracker —->make account (FREE) —>input all your food and quantities. It analyzes what you’ve eaten, tells you the total nutritional value for that day, can give you recommendations and lots of other really awesome things.

    Two weeks ago my husband and I decided that we were going to be healthier too (mostly because I was shocked to see I had gained 10 pounds in the last year). We do Jillian dvds and can completely sympathize with being sore all the time. You’re braver than us since you do it everyday…we treat it like another MWF class.

    As for eating healthier, don’t buy anything you shouldn’t be eating. I know that sounds common-sensical, but it’s the only way I can keep myself from indulging. If there’s anything sweet in the house, I will eat it. Our fridge is full of propel water, carrots, broccoli and ranch dressing (should probably have light dressing…hmm).

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