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Brides and Baking

April 1, 2010

Ash –

A lot happened yesterday. We debated in vitro fertilization in bioethics (that could be a blog post all on its own). Then I spent most of calculus feeling sick. We shall attribute this to “smoker guy” who came in reeking of what else… disgusting smoke. Ruin your own lungs but please leave mine alone!

I had to run (or at least attempted to) while wearing my baggy sweatpants in my desperate attempt to catch the trolley (God bless the driver for waiting on me). Oh sure I could’ve caught the next one 15 minutes later but where’s the fun in that?

I saw a collision PLUS a hit and run while in the Taco Bell parking lot (in my defense I was ordering from the “diet” menu!). It was a very weird day to say the least. But the weirdest part of all? I had time to make cake balls!

You see there are many trials and tribulations to being a college student. The challenging courses. The lack of sleep. The constant push to be “better.” There is a saying: “Sleep. A social life. Good grades. Choose two. Welcome to college.” But there are also some serious perks. I call them “school breaks.”

And this weekend happens to be one of them. Starting today in fact. I’m very excited about going home because I’m going to a wedding tonight. Remember my “mothers” I mentioned this past Texas Tuesday? Well one of them is getting hitched! Having known her for somewhere around fourteen years, I am very happy for her and honored to attend.

In fact, I was so honored that I felt compelled to bake. I’m sure that’s not everyone’s initial inclination, but for me baking is really hard. I’m the girl who once ruined Easy Mac. My family has mercilessly teased me for years. But I’ve gotten much better recently. My mom bought me my first cookbook over Christmas break. I won my first apron from Roots & Rings. Don’t get me wrong. Baking is still somewhat of a challenge (stress cortisol levels are definitely higher than they should be). But my food is edible. Some even go so far as to call it yummy.

One thing I’ve been dying to try baking is cake balls. I pretty much drool just looking at the pictures. What are these magical delights? Well you start off by making a cake. Now if you are like me you buy a mix. None of that from scratch stuff for me….. at least not in this case. Got to work my way up to something.

i had to cook two cakes like this since i don't have a real cake pan...... just a loaf pan

yes that is a bread pan. i don't own a real cake pan so i had to bake two of these. please don't judge

Then you ice….. haha. NO! You destroy it. That’s right. You tear your precious cake apart. Seems like backward logic to me. But I promise there will be a light at the end of this tunnel.

i'm not going to lie. it looks a little gross at this point

i'm not going to lie. it looks pretty disgusting at this point

One you are done crying over your ruined cake, you add lots and lots of cream cheese icing. If you are lucky, you have a fiancee to eat what remains of the icing so that it doesn’t go to “waste.” Now I got mixed answers on the next step. Some say take two forks and mix the icing and cake remains together. I decided to go down the messier path: put your cleans hands in and smush everything together (“smush” is the new “mix”).

Now that you’ll be digging cake out from underneath your fingernails for the next week, you can proceed to the next step. You roll up little balls of your icing/cake hybrid and put them on a cookie sheet. You then place this sheet in the freezer to harden for at least an hour (but probably longer).

Once your cake balls are hard, you can start melting chocolate bark. You will then give each cake ball its own swimming time in the chocolate pool of savoriness. Again you have to let the chocolate cool until “firm.” However, I intend to go that extra mile. I actually bought icing gel to decorate my cake balls! Now I wish my cake balls were going to look like this.

aren't they adorable??? check out bakerella for other ones

However, lets face the facts. I’m not ready for that. I don’t have the cutters to do that. I’m not even sure where to buy such lollipop sticks. I might try to make those under the supervision of my mother (who adores William Sonoma where they “supposedly” sell such cutters). I’m impressed with my cake balls anyway. They were made with love and that’s what matters right?

If you’re interested, I will try to post a picture of the final product a little later this morning (after my organic chemistry lab and Jillian workout). I’ve been letting them freeze overnight in hopes that it’ll enhance the taste (trust me. this makes sense in Ashley logic). So they haven’t officially been decorated yet. Lets hope everyone likes them or at least don’t get food poisoning!

Okay so they didn’t turn out all that pretty. I tried making an engagement ring design….. that just ended up looking like a messy circle. Then I tried a circle in a circle to see if it would come out elegant…. not so much. Then I tried cheesy hearts because I figured I at least couldn’t mess those up. Meh. You can be the judge of that. Again, we are going to go back to our theory that they were made with love and that’s the most important part. Despite the worrisome looking exterior, I promise they taste good. Anyway I hope everyone has a great Thursday, and drive safely for those of you heading home!

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  1. Flo permalink
    April 1, 2010 8:07 am

    Oh so proud of your cake ball courage – just jumped right in there and smushed! Fabulous – can’t wait to see and taste.

  2. Random Reader permalink
    April 1, 2010 12:21 pm

    Next time you can make the cake balls smooth by using a mellon scooper to scoop the cake/icing mixture out of the bowl. Also chocolate with chocolate icing or lemon cake with lemon icing is equally as delicious.

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