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7 Quick Takes (4)

April 2, 2010

Before we begin today’s 7 Quick Takes, we want to take a second and say how happy we are about coming this far. It’s not easy finding the time to write everyday. At least not on top of the normal everyday activities. And you definitely do not feel creative or like you have a story to tell everyday. You might compare it to a New Year’s resolution. Sure, you start out with good intentions. But then you slip up (skip a day’s workout, eat nothing but fast food, go on a shopping spree, etc.). You figure you’ll start over the next day. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. But even if you do, the slip ups start to seem unimportant. The next day becomes the next week. Soon you’re saying, “Remember that time I used to (fill in blank here). Whatever happened?” But here we are with our 20th blog, and we haven’t skipped a beat. It’s been an enjoyable challenge, and we hope you’ve been enjoying it too. Now on to our Quick Takes…

1. Ash – I’m not sure how many of you used to read my old blog. But I dedicated an entire post to my basil plant – Basil (pronounced like the name instead of the herb). Basil was good to me. Provided many leaves that I used to make delicious pesto. Unfortunately, he passed away this winter. In my defense, it was an unexpectedly cold winter. How was I supposed to know that he’d die overnight? God rest his little plant soul. Second chances are good though. Especially in the Spring. So my family gifted me with Basil Jr. I’m determined to be a better “mommy” this time. Since we were headed home this weekend, Basil Jr. came too!

i even made sure he had sunlight the entire ride home

2. Matt – My apologies for this one being later than usual guys. My alarm (aka phone) left its charger in Waco. BAD PHONE! You have to discipline it. I have a bad habit of leaving that thing wherever I travel. I’m usually pretty good about remembering to bring things home/back to Waco except a couple things…. my phone charger, toothbrush, toothbrush charger, laptop charger (had to buy a replacement for the house), contact solution, important clothing, books, eyeglasses, most cosmetic things, DVD’s, CD’s, shoes…. other than those, I’m a steel trap.

3. Ash – I tried the new dark cherry Starbucks drink this week (but as a frap since it’s getting a little warm for mochas). It’s okay. Definitely has a savory coffee taste to it. The dark cherry is more of an aftertaste. I guess it’s good the cherry isn’t overpowering (for most people). But I was a little disappointed. As a cherry fan (the whole reason I wanted to try this drink in the first place), I was expecting the cherry-coffee ratio to be a little more even. I would’ve settled for a 30:70 ratio, but this was more like a 10:90 at best. I think I’ll stick with my skinny cinnamon dulce frap in the future.

4. Matt – So remember our engagement photos? They turned out pretty good for the most part. However, in a good number of them there is a construction fence in the background (the place usually is perfect for photos). So Evoke Photography graciously agreed to have a reshoot with us on Monday. Apparently we are scheduled for Sam Houston Park. Anyone know where this is or what it looks like? The google search bar is so far away.

5. Ash – As I mentioned yesterday, Matt, my family, and I attended the wedding ceremony of a close family friend. She has been there for us on many occasions, and I’m glad we could be there for her on her wedding day (we are actually celebrating the reception this upcoming Saturday). The ceremony was a small (probably around 20-30 people) gathering at their home. I agree that might seem a little cramped in the average home, but they live on 6-8 acres complete with a pool, garden, chickens, and a horse. Plus they’d been working on the place to get it just right for the wedding. Simply put, it was lovely. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the pictures!

notice the k and m for kevin and mary. aren't they precious?

the blushing bride, her daughter/maid of honor allison, and their flower girl... err dog carmen

exchanging their vows

you may kiss the bride

would you like some cake..... on your face?

she's "hunting" for her husband who is temporarily missing

6. Matt – Since everyone had made/is making such a big fuss over The Hurt Locker, I decided to give it my fair try. The movie is focused around “Bravo” Company of the US Army and elite bomb defusing squad. It’s a dangerous game of cat and mouse that goes on through the entire Iraqi war. Without giving any spoilers, this movie isn’t your typical war movie. There are some excellently done action scenes, but don’t go into it expecting Saving Private Ryan. Expect to be tugged in all different ways emotionally though. I still haven’t been able to finish it, not because of time, but because of my fear of what’s going to happen. First time that’s happened to me with a movie. Must watch.

7. Ashley – On a final note, I thought I’d give you an update on the cake balls. They were an absolute hit! It didn’t matter that they weren’t perfectly shaped. Or that all the frosting got destroyed on the drive home. Actually that might’ve been to my benefit considering how ugly the designs were. In spite of all that, people were still willing to give them a chance. I admit I was a little surprised. After all, there were two normal looking desserts right next to them. Granted one was the wedding cake, and you can’t really eat that until after the happy couple decides to cut it. But suddenly I started hearing people comment about how good the cake balls were and asking who made them. I know it’s one of the seven deadly sins. But I was a little VERY proud.

Anyway, we hope everyone has a great Easter weekend whether you are spending it with family, friends, or your school books. Happy Good Friday. Happy birthday to our friend Mary Kate, who is turning 21! Please send in Texas Tuesday questions if you’ve got them. And as Porky Pig would say, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

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