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Texas Tuesday (5)

April 6, 2010

Matt –

Everybody wake up okay? I literally FELL out of bed this morning. I stood up, then I was not standing up anymore. What a way to start the week….speaking of which, we’ve got some awesome questions this week for ya!

1.       Describe yourself as a type of animal.Ashley – I wish I could say I was like a penguin. So cute and cuddly. I’d freeeeeeze though. According to Matt, I’m a mix between a kitten and a tiger. A kitten because I can be very “sweet” plus I love to cuddle (part of the reason I’d freeze as a penguin is I don’t retain any body heat. whenever I cuddle with Matt, who is actually warm, it puts me right to sleep). A tiger because I can be very fierce and stubborn when I want to be (I personally think that’s the Irish in me). The funny thing? I’m highly allergic to all cats.

Matt – I actually thought about this, and not to be corny, but I’m definitely a puppy. According to the Encyclopedia Ashleyannica, I am lovable and forgiving, but I’m a big procrastinator. Also, something I did know about myself, I tend to get puppy eyes when I’m genuinely sorry about something. This spells out puppy in my mind.

2.       Which US  President (current or prior) do you admire most? 

Ashley – I’m not sure I have a favorite President. I have a certain fondness for Lincoln, but mostly because he is Mom’s favorite president. Yes, I know he didn’t free the slaves out of some moral duty. But he still achieved a lot of good. Also, I don’t know if I really admire JFK so much as I like his reference in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (perhaps the best part of the song – so much energy). Maybe I’ll admire more Presidents as I get older. As it is, I’ve only voted in one election. 

Matt – My favorite president is probably Reagan. He cut spending in government when it was out of control, he aided the end of the Cold War, and probably the most amazing, he survived assassination. While I wasn’t exactly alive during his administration, history tells me that he was a pretty successful leader. 

3.       How many kids will you have one day and what will be their names? (you must answer this question separately and without looking at each other’s answers before you finish your own) 

Ashley – Currently, I’m hoping for 2-4 kids. Two because I want them to have at least one sibling. But no more than four since Matt and I would already be doubly outnumbered. It doesn’t have to be 50:50 for boys and girls, but I’d like one of each if possible. Some girl and boy names that I currently like: Austin, Taylor (for a middle name), Zachary, James, Matthew (okay we’re not going to have a Matt Jr. but I really intended to name a son Matt when I was younger), Lorelai, Emma, Julia, Isabella, Mikayla, and Elaine (for a middle name). 

Matt – 2-3 kids. I enjoyed having a brother, everyone else should too! For a boy, I would say Josh, Lacedarius, Quincy, Fred, Tweety, Anthony or AJ. In all seriousness, Zach is probaby my favorite right now. For a girl, Ash and I have talked about Mikayla or Lorelai (Rori) and Isabella (Bella, Belle). 

4.       Describe the oldest child from question #3 

Ashley – Healthy. Seriously. As long as she or he is healthy I will be happy. If I got to choose the sex though, I’d choose a boy. I think it’d be nice for any sisters to have an older brother. 

Matt – Boy. Older brother is a must for protection means. Athlete, great student, awesome sense of humor. Wait, me. 

5.       Describe the youngest child from question #3 

Ashley – I won’t bore you with the same “healthy” answer. Probably a girl. I’m assuming that the odds are in our favor of all our kids having blue eyes. Matt’s hair. My ability to tan (poor Matt burns if he looks at the sun too hard). It’d be nice if one of the kids got the Kunick dimple. 

Matt – Who cares about the youngest anyway? As long as they aren’t annoying. A daddy’s girl would be nice to spoil. 

6.       If you could have any car, what would it be? 

Ashley – I’m actually not all that car crazy. As long as it’s semi-large and attractive. The attractive part is subjective . But it needs to be large for two reasons: 1) I’ve always had a roomy car (first a jeep liberty and now a dodge nitro. plus I grew up with Mom having a lincoln navigator) 2) I feel safer in a larger car (I’m not asking for a land yacht but I’m much more crushable in a tiny car).  

Matt – I would have many cars. For day to day errands, a BMW M3 modded out.

This is the '08 model.


For occasions where I need to show off, my Bentley Continental should do the trick.

Lose the windshield sticker though...

7.       If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

Ashley – Having only lived in California and Texas, I decided to take a quiz on the “places that fit you” ( My top 6 cities were the following: 

  • Tampa, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Houston, Texas
  • Charleston, South Carolina (random, right?)
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Austin, Texas

I think if I had a choice, I would stay in Houston. I love Texas (I definitely belong to the category I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could). However, I suppose I’m open to new places….. I guess I might not have a choice one day (if it’s job related for Matt or I).

Matt – Anywhere? Assuming living costs and the availibility of golf? Hawaii or Florida. Houston is amazing though too.

8.       You both have a parent who travels quite a lot.  What are the pro’s and con’s of that from your vantage point? 

Ashley – We’ll start with the cons and get the “poor me’s” out of the way. If you have a parent that travels a lot, there are bound to be times that they aren’t there when you want them to be. It could be a school play, a girl scout trip, winning an award, etc. I certainly don’t blame my mom. She has provided very well for me and my sister. But it can be hard for both the traveling parent and the kid. After all, you miss each other, and the family dynamics aren’t quite the same when someone is gone. There are definitely some pro’s though. I can’t begin to name all the cool things I’ve gotten from other countries: a leather backpack from South Africa, a charm from Israel, a wall decoration from Egypt, a bracelet from South America, little masks from China, pearls from the Philippines, and more. I’ve even gotten to go on some of my mom’s business trips, such as the time I went to Argentina in high school.

Matt – My dad doesn’t travel nearly as much as Ash’s mom, but it’s still a good amount. It stunk in high school having him miss sporting events and such, but I knew he didn’t like it just as much as I did. The pro’s? Definitely the stories he brought back. For instance, in China he was at a very nice dinner one night. The meal was sea urchin. Not well prepared, possibly fried sea urchin, but NO. The sea urchin came out, pines snapped off, and a small hole cut in the top. You scoop out the insides. YUCK!

9.       Who is the goofiest friend you have? 

Ashley – Hmmmm. If we are putting family and fiancee aside, I’d have to say Chisom (aka Mimi). She is this odd balance between witty (as most her family is) and corny (that’s all her). I can’t count the number of times we cranked up the Backstreet Boys during the drive home from school senior year (we live two minutes away from each other so we carpooled). The jokes we had about sharpies (did you know you can’t buy sharpies at Walmart unless you are 18???), the politically correct Cinderella (the Brandy version), all the times we got lost and ended up at the Container Store, the time she broke my mom’s car door, and way too many other inside jokes.  


she's "mad" because i took an "awkward" eating picture of her at house of pies (just be glad i didn't use the picture from senior retreat!)

Matt – Obviously my roomate Matt. I have some goofy friends back home, but they can’t hold a candle to this kid. The only guy I know who can wear a full bear costume for Halloween and not blink an eye. Maybe that just makes shameless, but no matter, he’s still goofy.

MattBear says GROWL.


10.   Who is the most reliable friend you have? 

Ashley – I think it depends on how you define reliability. If you mean who do I feel like I can most rely on then I’d have to tell you all my close friends. And of course Matt and my family (I figured that pretty much went without saying but I’ll say it anyways). I’m not and never have been a social butterfly. I choose my friends carefully and as a result have a much smaller group of really good friends. I’m also very close to my immediate family and always feel like I can confide in and depend on them. If you mean who I can most depend on to be somewhere at a certain time, I’d have to say Angela. Most recent example: She and I agreed to meet at my house over Spring Break. It came as no surprise to me or my family when she showed up nearly half an hour early as we were eating breakfast. That’s simply Angela.  


celebrating angela's 18th birthday - i can't believe we are all turning 21 now...

Matt – Reliable? Hmm. Has to be Flat. Ryan has always been there when he says he is going to be, and he won’t let somebody “drown” if he can help it. Hard work never passed this kid up, and he’s not afraid to give of himself to help out somebody in need.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Hansen permalink
    April 6, 2010 10:46 am

    How did you not rip the bear costume picture off my Facebook?

  2. April 6, 2010 3:31 pm

    Ok, so your kid is going to either be named after Gilmore Girls or Twilight. Consider that, Matt.

  3. Mary Kate permalink
    April 14, 2010 2:34 pm

    First of all MATT- The youngest kid is the BEST! We are awesome people!
    Second of all I’m going to name my girl Ella! After Ella Enchanted. So our kinds will have rhyming names! Ella and Bella! How cool/weird is that?!

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