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Reclaiming Golf

April 8, 2010

Matt –

Well, it’s here. The best golfers in the world have gathered in Augusta, Georgia. The media, the fans, the cameras all fixated on the biggest golf even of the season. But eyes are focused on more than just the golf, they are tracking the biggest news event to rock the sport since Jack Nicklaus won his 18 majors. The world is watching Tiger Woods, but in a different way.

We all pretty much know the recent history regarding Tiger. The car crash, the speculation of domestic abuse, the news leaks about affairs, his unwilligness to talk to police, the confirmation of the rumors of infedility, etc. But now, finally, arguably the best golfer in the history of the sport can get back to playing golf.

The tournament this weekend, The Masters, is one of the greatest historical sporting events in American history. Played at Augusta National golf course, the first tournament was in 1934. I won’t lecture you about the history (although I totally could), but rather I will let you see some of the GORGEOUS scenery.

The most famous hole, #12, Amen Corner

A view from hole #10.

Tiger tees off at about 12:45pm Central time today. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts. Augusta, being a private club is very strict about spectator behavior and will not hesitate to kick out hecklers. And at the inflated price of $8000 a ticket, I doubt many will take a verbal shot at Woods.

The obsession with Tiger is getting out of control. ESPN has a live view of Tiger warming up, and has so for at least 30 minutes straight leading up to his first shot back. I do hope after this round that golf can return to golf and move away from the soap opera it has become recently.

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