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ScatterBrain (1)

April 14, 2010

Ash –

Welcome to our newest segment – ScatterBrain! Why a new segment? Because as college students, we are sometimes typically almost always scatterbrained. Sad but true. Some days we just can’t seem to focus. Even tv and facebook bans don’t seem to help. Which makes blog writing almost impossible… or at least frustrating. It’s not we don’t have anything to share… we just can’t seem to focus on one topic long enough for a decent blog. ScatterBrain (hopefully) fixes that. We’ve even created rules! How can you doubt something that has rules?

  1. We promise you will only have to endure this unfocused chaos no more than once a week.
  2. Once one of us has used a ScatterBrain, that person is not allowed to use it the following week.
  3. Scatterbrain is not allowed to take the place of Texas Tuesday or Quick Takes Friday.
  4. Scatterbrain cannot be a school/work whine fest.
  5. WILD CARD – We want y’all to make a rule. It can be as fun or weird as you want. Example: We must use the word “scattered” in each of our ScatterBrain topics. I dare you to challenge us. You have the next 48 hours to submit a rule.

We even have a makeshift logo! (An original one is to follow.)

So there you have it. If you hate it, let us know. If you love it, tell your friends. In the meantime, let the ScatterBrain games begin!

Avatar – For our date night last weekend (check out Monday’s post), Matt and I saw Avatar. My first and his second time – he saw it on guys night out during the winter vacation. Yes I know it’ll be out on DVD in just a couple weeks (Earth Day to be exact). And yes I know I’m lame for not seeing it until now. But better late than never. I think my mom summarized it best – it’s part Transformers, part G.I. Joe, and part Pocahontas. Didn’t make my top 10 favorites but very entertaining. I’ll probably ask for it as a birthday gift.

PS: Did anyone else think the spinning/flying lizards were too cool?

Bioethics – This class has confirmed I’ve chosen the right major for me. In spite of how many kids complain about the heavy workload and the “lack of direction,” I’ve been loving it. We talk about some pretty interesting stuff. For example, I told you about our diaper assignment. On Monday, Dr. Tran asked us a question. If you had no control of your bowels and no choice in wearing diapers, who are the top 4 people you’d trust to change your diaper? Assume parents or grandparents count as a single unit. Who would you choose? Family? Friends? Neighbors? A nurse? Strangers? Now rank your top 4 people. Most of us listed family as our top choice. The second choice was tied between friends, a significant other, and nurses. The third choice was mostly siblings. For the people who chose a friend, Dr. Tran challenged them to tell that friend about their choice and see how they respond. How many of you would feel comfortable choosing a friend?

Glee – The show is back! I think my only disappointment with this week is that they showed a lot of it in previous teasers. It felt like I’d already seen half the episode. For example, one of the commercials gave away my favorite Sue quote – “I won’t be burying any hatchets unless I get a clear shot at your groin.” Next week’s episode should be entertaining though. I wonder what Madonna thinks about having an entire episode dedicated to her music? Really looking forward to some of the guest stars throughout the season: Idina Menzel, Olivia Newton John, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, and more.

Ekpe Udoh – Perhaps my favorite Baylor basketball player. I spent an exhausting weekend of driving back and forth between Waco and Houston for him… and the rest of the Baylor Bears (read my Bleeding Green and Gold post if you’re drawing a blank). And how does he repay my loyalty and adoration? He holds a press conference to announce that he is leaving us for the NBA draft! What??? Why??? I don’t want to say we need him… but we kind of do. Matt keeps reminding me that we have this great new kid coming to play for us next year. But I just spent the last season forming a bond with our current players. Josh and Tweety are graduating – I’ve finally accepted that. But Ekpe leaving is unnecessary. Perhaps I’ll be happy for Ekpe in another week or two, but I make no promises.

TOMS As in the shoe. Has anyone else noticed that everyone has them? I wish I was exaggerating. My new thing is whenever I’m in a line I’ll count how many of the other people in the line are wearing TOMS. Several times more than half the people were wearing them (side note: people still wearing fall boots need to accept summer is practically here). Can someone tell me if they’re comfortable? Or is it just a fashion statement (aside from the money going toward a good cause)? I admit I’m considering getting a pair. I’d like to wear something other than flip flops and sneakers this summer. But I need someone to convince me they’re worth the buy. Or if you have other shoes to recommend, I’m all ears.

And that is the end of this ScatterBrain. Hope it has made this Hump Day a little better… and if it didn’t rejoice in the fact that this school/work week is all downhill from here. Again don’t forget to make up a rule and send it our way.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Judi permalink
    April 14, 2010 7:18 am

    Wildcard rule: You can’t use the word “bowels” in the blog!

  2. Mary Kate permalink
    April 14, 2010 2:24 pm

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEIL PATRICK HARRIS to be on GLEE! He is a really good singer! Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog? If you haven’t seen it you need to! I was slightly disappointed that Idina Menzel didnt sing last night, but I am sure that she will be on again and will sing bc she is amazing!
    I liked Avatar too! Sam Worthington is HOTT!!!! He is in Clash of the Titans. If you haven’t seen it do! But not in 3-D. I heard the 3D version sucked. But the regular was good.
    TOM shoes – I dont own a pair but I didn’t wear shoes on no shoe day and it was fun!People looked at me weird.

  3. April 14, 2010 9:15 pm

    Oh wow, pretty much no one here even knows what Toms are. It’s pretty crazy that they’re that popular down there. I really want some, so I’m also interested to know how comfortable they are. The one-for-one thing is about worth it enough to buy them, though. Love me some charity.

    As far as boots, like Uggs? Uggs are incredibly comfortable.. But I don’t know how warm it is there, but it’s consistently in the 70’s here. People must have some sweaty feet walking around there.

    I also have suggestions.. get Sanuks! They’re amazing. As well as their sandals. 🙂

    I love how I read this whole post and only made comments about shoes.

  4. Judi permalink
    April 15, 2010 7:59 pm

    And can I say that I just don’t think those Toms look very cute? They look like something people would pick up at a K-mart $1 sale. Sorry but they do!

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