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7 Quick Takes (6)

April 16, 2010

Matt – Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly feeling that great. But you, my dear readers deserve your Friday ritual. I will keep the intro short and sweet and get you right into your (hopefully) regular read. Enjoy 🙂

1. Matt – Yesterday was really a day that snuck up on me. A day to which I hadn’t given much thought. For the past year, I’ve been a teacher’s assistant at A.J. Moore Academy. I would attend one class a day for a total of around 30-40 days, leaving the rest for our instruction on Baylor campus. In Fall ’09, I helped teach a class about taxes and the accounting associated with them. This semester I was moved to a class covering the very fundamental basics of business ownership. Back to my original point, yesterday was my first last day. At least my first last day that has really meant a bunch to me. I think it hit me hard because I’ll be moving to a different school next school year to teach Sports and Entertainment Marketing. All the kids wished me good luck, and I to them, and my mentor teacher was proud of me, but upset that he didn’t have me for next year.

I even got a going away present! A huge paper clip!

2. Ash – Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Chisommmmm. Happy birthday to you. If you couldn’t tell, one of my best friends is turning 21 today. That’s right the big two one. I actually introduced you to her during last week’s Texas Tuesday, but please say hello again to Chisom.

say cheese!

Things you can do when you turn 21 (that make it so “big”)

  • Legally buy and consume alcohol
  • Attend 21+ clubs
  • Gamble in Vegas (and finally win that million dollars)
  • Wear those stylish “all ages” wristbands at public events
  • Act smug the next time someone asks for your ID

Okay. That list may not be all that impressive. But still when did we all start getting so old??? Wasn’t high school yesterday? Unfortunately, I can’t wish her a happy birthday in person since she’s at silly ol’ Princeton (why would you ever leave Texas???). So it’s my goal to try and wish her happy birthday 21 different ways throughout the day (I’m not sure I’m actually that creative but we’ll see how far I can get). So thank you for being present to birthday wish #2.

3. Matt – There has been hella news in the world of Baylor men’s basketball. A few days ago, Ekpe Udoh (star transfer from the Univ. of Michigan) declared for the NBA draft. Granted he did not hire an agent (a move that would officially remove his amateur status for good), but it is not expected that he will back out and return to Waco to finish his last year of eligibility. When our second star player, Lacedarius Dunn, released information that he would be holding a press conference call, I feared the worst. Who holds a press conference to announce they are staying right? THIS GUY DOES:

You go ahead and roar big guy. You earned it.

That’s right. We have our leading scorer for another season. Pair him up with amazing incoming freshman like Perry Jones, Stargell Love and Bakari Turner and Baylor basketball is in for another amazing tournament run.

4. Ash – Matt and I are huge TV on DVD fans. What’s not to love about no commercials? Or the fact you can watch one episode after the other without the “And on next week’s episode…” The only “problem” is you go through shows pretty quickly. Eventually you have to start asking around for new ones. I don’t remember who or how many people have suggested Nip/Tuck, but Matt and I are finally giving it a chance (with the help of Netflix). Ummmmm. The only word I can think of is wow. I can see why people were so divided. Lots of shock factor. For example, in the second episode the son decides to give himself a self-circumcision because his father (a plastic surgeon) refuses. Dramatic enough for you? For now, I’m still trying to understand the main characters who I’ve nicknamed Robot and MQ guy (as in “morally questionable”).

Robot is on the left. MQ is on the right

5. Matt – Heheh. I need you all to put aside all pride or preconceived moral obligations. You are about to, possibly for the first time, witness blissful gluttony. Introducing, the Double Down.

Now I didn’t display the picture above at full size to protect those who are new to the recently publicized mock industry of “food porn”. KFC has realized that most of the food they make is not healthy, nor are they trying to disguise it that way. They have decided to slightly mock their own product and take it one step further….or more than one. Two slices of bacon, two kinds of cheese, “secret sauce” (how ever dangerous that may be), all sandwiched between two breaded chicken breasts. I really don’t have anything else to say. You guys run wild with this.

6. Ash –

Speaking to Matt: “Any ideas for dinner?”

Thinks… “Pizza?”

I haven’t ever tried to count the number of times, but I’m pretty sure we go through that conversation at least once a week. Matt has several food kryptonites: all things cinnamon, almost anything with peanut butter, and PIZZA. Don’t get me wrong. I like pizza too. But I’m “bleh” about it in comparison to Matt. Anyway, during spring break, my family decided to try making vegetarian pizza from our new cookbook (my sister became a vegetarian a few months or so ago and a friend recommended this book).

1000 recipes? that's a lot of veggies...

I had no idea it was so easy to make pizza! Why did no one ever tell me this? I mean pizza isn’t “healthy” either way you slice it, but it’s certainly healthier when you make it at home without all the grease. So I offered to make pizza as a treat for eating so well lately (and as a way to sneak vegetables into Matt’s meal). Who else can’t wait for dinner?

7. Matt – Not sure how many of you were aware, but I am a digital representative for Dell in Texas. I work for a great company who is improving the brand experience people have with Dell, Inc. (By the way, if you want some great info along with all the goofy posts we make, check out the Dell – TX Facebook page and become a fan!) Anyway, I started in January and the day has come! All digital reps get a new laptop! It should be here next week sometime. I’ll let you know how it is.

Well like I said, I’m not feeling so hot so I’m gonna get my stuff done then retire for the day. Gotta rest up for a friend’s bday tomorrow! If you want a little something more to read here is a blog by a really good friend MK. Other then that, have a great weekend!

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  1. Flo permalink
    April 17, 2010 2:58 pm

    Is it still Friday?

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