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ScatterBrain (2)

April 22, 2010

Matt –

Well since a lot has been going on this week, I figure it’s unfair to keep my readers in the dark. It’s time for SCATTERBRAAAAAAAAAAAAIN.

We are working on getting an original logo. Any ideas?

 1) You can’t see me right now, but I’m smiling. Why? I just got out of bed. That’s right. It’s noon, and I have yet to have my first cup of coffee. I can, along with all other Baylor students, thank Diadeloso for that. A university holiday that gives us a random Thursday off in April to have fun on campus with games, competitions, and a concert. Unfortunately, this year (as most) I have TONS of work to do. From a programming assignment, to assembling my final Teaching Assistant portfolio. However, I might be attending the grand finale of this years DiadelTrabajo, a concert from Colbie Caillat. I just love that Bubbly song.

Tell me she doesn't look like Jennifer Aniston.

2) Ash and I have a tendency to lock onto a TV show and then NEVER LET GO until we have finished it in its entirety. Our most recent addiction (step 1 is to realize you have a problem) is Nip/Tuck. I had always been curious about the show since it started in 2003. It went off the air in ’09, but I rented the first two disks of season 1 from Netflix. After watching them, it turned into a massive game of “Where can we find the next disk?” interspersed with “Netflix isn’t fast enough”. I always thought people who were obsessed with shows were lunatics. Well, Hi. My name is Matt…and I’m addicted to Nip/Tuck.

Maybe I'll give a review of the show as a whole when we are finished.

3) My phone’s life is…..its leaving. Ash called the other day as I was leaving the gym, and I could barely hear her. I think….I think little Helio Ocean is leaving us. Be on the look out for one of those Facebook groups asking for your number if we are friends.

4) It’s Earth day! I’m never really sure how to celebrate. I know that one TV channel is playing movies that deal with avoiding the destruction of Earth, but that’s like celebrating not getting sick. “Yay! I didn’t get the flu!” Some people go plant trees, some people go clean fishies and baby otters with dish soap. Some people steal the baby otters and bring them back for the amusement of their fiancees. Some people get told to return the baby otters and to never pull a stunt like that again. But then, a few some people quietly sneak the baby otter back home.

Some people have two baby otters.

5) Baseball season is well underway. Which means….nothing much for me. I tried playing baseball as a kid. I played until my first year of kid pitch, which after I experienced the daunting task of actually locating the pitch to swing at, I promptly quit. Most people say, “Oh I could play defense, I just couldn’t hit”. I started that line. The machine in machine pitch put it right on the sweet spot at the same speed. Everytime. If it didn’t do that, it pitched it so far outside that it was an easy opportunity for you to get to hear your coach say “nice eye” (It better be a “nice eye”. The ball was 15 feet outside of my bat radius.) Needless to say, I’ve limited my baseball experiences to the occasional trip to Minute Maid with Ash which are de…wait for it…lightful!

Have a great day everyone. We will see you back here tomorrow MORNING (for a change) for our Quick Takes! Lot’s of good stuff lined up.

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  1. April 22, 2010 3:16 pm

    Okay, so those otters are really cute. I want one.
    Also, I hate you for having today off. That is all.

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