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Make Me Beautiful

April 26, 2010

Ash –

As a future doctor (hopefully), I confess that I enjoy watching a good medical tv show now and then. I promise I’m not completely naive. I know they aren’t “realistic,” but they’re very entertaining. Plus it’s fun when I can understand the medical jargon. And there are so many to choose from: ER, Scrubs (a personal favorite), Doogie Howser, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, M*A*S*HGrey’s Anatomy, House, Hawthorne, and over a dozen others.

Which leads me to my real point. Matt and I told you that we were giving Nip/Tuck a fair chance. I have no real interest in plastic surgery, but everyone was giving the show rave reviews – lots of “I LOVE THAT SHOW!.” And I already knew one of the stars Julian McMahon (who I affectionately call MQ or Morally Questionable guy in Nip/Tuck) is a decent actor (he was Cole Turner in Charmed and the supervillian in the Fantastic Four). Actually the show just ended earlier this year after six seasons and 100 episodes. Impressive, no? And since it’s not a new show, it should be pretty easy to get. Worth a shot, right?

We got the first couple of discs on Netflix. To be blunt, the first season was simply mind boggling. The show’s premise is about two middle aged plastic surgeons who have been best friends since college and work together out of Miami. One is happily married with two kids. The other bounces from girl to girl. And in his opinion, it’s merely a bonus to convince these women that they need plastic surgery. Their trademark catchphrase: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.” Somehow they deal with everything from marital affairs, crime lords, self-given circumcisions, medical malpractice, to transexuals. Basically it was ALL OVER THE PLACE! But hey that’s cool. Certainly never seen a show like it. Not sure how some of this stuff got approved for television, but I’m willing to go with the flow.

The second season was just as outrageous. Lots of baby daddy drama (quite literally). Name a socially charged issue. I bet there was an episode about it. On a side note, getting the discs was not as easy as expected. Rather than waiting a few days for every 2 discs (aka the Netflix method), we decided to rent a few at Blockbuster. I mean who can resist a 3 DVD’s for $5 deal? Except it turned out someone stole almost half of the second season…. and the store only had one copy. They weren’t going to bother buying a replacement since the show is no longer “popular.” Turns out Waco has TWO Blockbusters though. Thankfully our Nip/Tuck thief was also unaware of the other Blockbuster.

Which brings us to the third season. Ladies and gentleman, I’m sorry but Matt and I just can’t watch it anymore. Back in the second season, we were introduced to “The Carver,” who preys on “beautiful” men and woman. He tells all of them, “Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are.” As plastic surgeons, our main characters have become “famous” for doing surgeries pro bono in order to fix the victims’ slashed faces (which upsets “The Carver” just a little).

Scary dude, right? I don’t watch horror movies for a reason. With his weird mask and scary voice converter, this guy was giving me nightmares. Matt and I were so sure this little murder mystery would be wrapped up by the end of the second season. Haha… no! They dragged it throughout the entire third season – which we could only force ourselves to watch half of. The show was always kind of dark, but this was getting down right depressing. The only “happy” moment I can think of in this season is when Christian (or MQ) agrees to do a rhinoplasty on a teenage boy with Down Syndrome because his greatest desire is to physically resemble the rest of his family in some small way.

The funny thing is both Matt and I were unsure how to tell the other person we wanted to stop watching. Saturday night Matt suggested a break and “maybe” coming back to the show this summer. That was all the encouragement I needed. Instead I proposed we just give the show up for good with one exception. I wanted to skip to the third season finale so I could see the killer unmasked (I already knew who it was) and get a little closure (remember the nightmares, people). Matt was pretty relieved. He thought I was the one who wanted to keep watching.

So we watched the finale even though I already knew exactly what was going to happen thanks to Wikipedia (I couldn’t keep watching the show wondering who the killer was!). We immediately returned the DVD’s to Blockbuster, and I personally feel like a weight is off my shoulders. The show was controversial when it was being aired, but at least people had a week between each episode to digest it. Maybe it was never meant to be watched back to back so quickly?

So for all of you Nip/Tuck lovers, I’m sorry. But I will not be raving about it any time soon. We gave it a fair chance. And my final analysis is that I will NOT be recommending it to my family, friends, or you readers. I think we’re looking for a nice friendly comedy for our next show. Maybe Big Bang Theory (another show that friends have highly recommended). Although Matt is questioning if we should watch something animated instead. A little Pokemon. Maybe some Teletubbies. I’m kidding. Sort of. We did watch Mulan yesterday with dinner and some homework. But seriously if y’all have any shows to suggest we’d love to hear it. In the meantime, we both have our last week of classes to focus on and lots of beautiful weather to enjoy.


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  1. Ally permalink
    April 26, 2010 7:23 am

    out of all of these which is your favorite?:
    snakes on a plane?
    pandas on a bicycle?
    chinchillas on a moped?
    frogs on a skateboard?
    dogs on a razor scooter?
    squirrels on a 18-wheeler?

    just reminiscing about hosty’s class.

  2. April 26, 2010 10:13 am

    You should DEFINITELY watch Big Bang Theory! It’s awesome. And if you haven’t already, you should watch Arrested Development. That’s what I’m watching right now. I don’t know if either of you watch Bones, but if you don’t that should also be on your list.

    So… questions. What’s the weirdest outfit you’ve ever worn? If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be? How do you stay organized? What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

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