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7 Quick Takes (8)

April 30, 2010

Matt –

So if people who Tweet call their followers “tweeples”, do you call people who follow this blog “bleeples”? We tackle important, relevant topics and issues  much like this in today’s Quick Takes.

1. Matt – This week I attended a three day orientation seminar regarding my internship next year. If you are not familiar, Baylor School of Education requires a year long internship for course credit at one of the local ISD’s. Anyway, we covered things like professional organizations that interns can join, how to avoid any potentially bad situations, and finally ALLLLLL of the bad things that can happen to a teacher in those situations. Uplifting right? In actuality, teachers (at least here in Texas) are protected from most things when we use good judgement. A state law eliminates all liabilty while a professional is performing duties relevant to his or her job while using good judgement. Little Johnny falls off the jungle gym? It’s cool. 

2. Ash – Seriously who doesn’t love the college Greek fraternities and sororities? The friends! The legendary  parties! My new wardrobe with their letters plastered all over it! Well today, I am officially a member of AED (Alpha Epsilon Delta). Except….. lets be honest. That’s not even remotely in the Pan-Hellenic system. It’s an honors premedical society. Lame. I know. But I’m a nerd. What can I say? I’m proud though. After getting CPR certified, attending weekly meetings, volunteering in the community, and memorizing all the pledge’s names (there was even a test), I will be inducted into AED tonight at 7 p.m. So I’m actually going to exchange my jeans for a skirt, throw on some eye liner, and pray that I don’t trip and fall when they call my name. Wish me luck!

3. Matt – Today is officially the last day of classes! Spring 2010 has been a crazy one. Picking up a second job, taking on a real teaching assignment (where I was the primary educator for most of the semester for a high school class), not to mention the Baylor Bears incredible run to the Elite Eight. I look for summer to be a little more chill, but just as entertaining 🙂

4. Ash – Yesterday I mentioned I was on #13 of the “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” (there are about 46 parts to this love story). Ummmm. I could not stop reading it. It’s not like I shut myself in a dark room and kept reading until I was done. But I couldn’t help taking frequent paper breaks throughout the day (in my sunlit living room) to catch up on the next segment. So yeah I’ve finished it. My final analysis: Ree (yes we are now on a first name basis) is an amazing writer. I can see why they are making the series into a movie. I loved it. Especially the part where Marlboro Man proposes. It reminded me of Matt’s proposal in a lot of ways. Current rumors are that Reese Witherspoon will be playing Ree. Which seems like a good choice to me. I’m hoping the movie will have a midnight premiere. Because I can’t wait!

5. Matt – Our blog hasn’t “taken off” persay, but there is a certain way Ash and I like to track the “success” of our work. We thoroughly enjoy reading the search engine entries that result in new readers. Here are some of our favorites:

  • “a couple of” (hey, watch it)
  • “shot at Texas” (close, but no cigar)
  • “a shot at your” (kinda scared about that one)

…and our personal favorite…

  • “how to make cigarette sunglasses” (best how-to paper ever?)

doesn't this seem like it would be hot and uncomfortable?

6. Ash – I haven’t done a family update in awhile, but I actually have some news about my younger sister. Samantha goes to the same high school I graduated from, and once a year they hold an assembly to recognize the students’ “excellence” with various academic awards. Having won the Drawing 2 award last spring, Samantha followed her stellar record by winning the Advanced Studio Art award this week. Proof that it’s not just sisterly bias when I say she’s talented.

All of those are hers. The horse you might recognize from a previous post. The big one (the skeleton) was a commentary on eating disorders. The bottom half of the piece is pages torn out of a book about eating disorders. And you can't see it but Sam marked her favorite quotes. A lot of the stuff on the right is from her time spent at the Art Institute of Boston.

7. Matt – Last year, an incredible young lady lost her life in a car crash. Makenzie Stocker was a student at my old high school. I did not know her well, but her spirit is still very much present. A teacher and coach (and friend) of mine. Mr. Baacke helped send 50 brand new dance dresses to aspiring dancers (just like Kenzie) in Kenya. Not only did they succeed in reaching the desired number of dresses, there was a scholarship created in her name. Kenzie’s family presented the certificates in a very emotional ceremony (one that I am sad I had to miss). I’m not sure if you have heard of the website GivesMeHope, but it’s people like the Stocker’s and Mr. Baacke who GMH.

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