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A Pattern Emerges

May 3, 2010

Matt –

OUCH. Don’t grab the coffee cup, at least when still hot, by the actual cup. The handle is preferrable for maintaining current healthy skin levels on your hands.

This week starts “Finals Week”….the beginning of the end….the reveleation….the unveiling if you will, of summer. Baylor does try to help us out though. They throw in a couple of days (today and tomorrow) to give students ample opportunity to study. Or not. In all honesty the dead days have become this smear of time through my calendar where I catch up on sleep and the lessons that I didn’t comprehend on.

My job as a WordPress Amateur Independent College Student Researcher (you should see my name tag. it’s redonkulous.) is never complete. But in order to give those not familiar with the pattern that emerges during Finals (even evil things get proper noun status) time, I have created this pseudo-timeline:

The following research is under these assumptions: 1 – This student has three classes (A,B,C) and 2 – Mom, Dad, family, this student is not me. NOT ME.

  1. Gather stack of papers necessary for studying for Final A.
  2. Organize pile. (Read “place papers in chronological order to make self feel better about organizational skills)
  3. Read through first page of Chapter 1 notes.
  4. Check Facebook.
  5. Check email.
  6. Convince self that music is needed to drown out all other distractions.
  7. Create “Finals Time” playlist. (“I just love that Bubbly song!”)
  8. Feel effects of rumblyinthetumblyitis. Decide food is necessary.
  9. In order not to be rude, ask friend if he/she is hungry.
  10. Make group run to Wendy’s (Note: Wendy’s can be replaced by any restaurant that serves food in which the individual feels that his or her own self-worth has decreased significantly after eating.) Come home. Eat
    Looks about right for me. What are you having?
  11. Throw trash away in order to “maintain a clean study area”.
  12. Read through page 3 (max) of Chapter 1, Final A notes.
  13. Go to bed.
  14. (end of Day 1)
  15. Awake at call of alarm, approximately 10am. (Waking up early is the definition of hell.)
  16. Eat a nutritious, healthy breakfast… IHOP.
  17. Return, read through all of Chapter 1, Final A notes.
  18. You need a study break to retain all that information. Time to go workout!
  19. Play a moderately challenging sport for 30 minutes to an hour.
  20. Take 45 minutes to shower.
  21. For Chapter 2, repeat steps 1-6.
  22. Accept inability to focus. Go to Target to gather necessary hygiene products used up in previous shower.
  23. Nearly pee yourself when you see the $5 movies. 4 Hugh Grant movies!!! For so cheap!!! (He’s so dreamy.)
  24. Bring movies and 30% of things you actually needed back home.
  25. Watch said movies as you repeat steps 1-22 as needed to cover the material for Final 1.

Remember readers. This is a very basic variation of the Finals Time and Space Continuum. You are almost guaranteed to need more steps to study effectively. The most important thing to assure your success during Final’s time is to plan ahead. Allow for these steps to take place. Studying for Final’s may need to start in March.

PS. Big stuff happening here at DoubleShot. I recently received my complimentary laptop from my employers, Dell. This AWESOME Dell Studio 15 machine comes equipped with a webcam.

Uh, Matt. So what?

 I WILL TELL YOU WHAT.  Readers, you can now look forward to a VIDEO BLOG! (Or Vlog as some like to call it.) Keep in mind that I am new to this whole “being able to be seen” thing, so be somewhat respectful when talking about me to your friends.

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  1. Lindsay permalink
    May 3, 2010 1:29 pm

    Haha!!! That is the exact same timeline I use when I study. Sooo funny. I also had to scroll up to see who actually wrote this post when I read the Hugh Grant comment.

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