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The Most Awful Time of Year

May 6, 2010

Matt –

So if you have been paying attention (there will be a pop quiz), you know that today is my varitable Day of Reckoning. Three final exams, all fully comprehensive over the entire semester, all in subjects that are either boring, extremely difficult, or a combination of the two. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with the process in prepping for semester-end exams, here are some nuggets of knowledge!

Did you at least chuckle? Sighhhh.

  • Studying is a lot harder with no lights.

When choosing an apartment complex for your college dwelling, make sure to ask the management if there is a chance the electicity will be shut off for a couple of hours the day before your final exams. If he or she looks even the slightest bit confused, immediately walk out of the office and continue your search elsewhere. You do NOT want to be stuck in an apartment with no lighting or internet whilst attempting to prepare for a Managerial Accounting exam.

  • Big Bang Theory makes good background atmosphere even when watched for the second time.

Sheldon, Leonard and the gang really provide non-stop chuckles that are perfect for studying. The plot is entertaining but not exhausting. You can pick your head up out of your Operations Management book for a few seconds and be perfectly able to pick up what has happened in the time you were mentally away. Second time  viewings of the same episodes do not dissapoint. Laugh tracks are always nice, and when employed creatively, can be used as a mnemonic device.

  • Scientifically, calories become nonexistant from May 5th through the 7th.

It’s been proven, very professionally and scientifically, that calories ingested during the first two weeks of May or December in fact get burned up upon entering the mouth. I won’t go into the science, it’s very boring. But know that it is in fact okay to eat whatever you want from Taco Bell at any point in time during Finals. Guilt free. Trust me.


  • Sleep schedules become nonexistant.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man crazy for thinking this is even close to possible. Absolutely insane. Even the best of students end up totally disregarding all previous sleeping habits. I briefly covered the study schedule for finals a few days ago, so I won’t put you through another similar list, but be known that it is quite common to be waking up at 7 in the morning thinking that it might actually be 7 at night, in which case you would have missed all 3 finals you were supposed to be taking that day. Just saying.

Look for writing that makes more sense when Ashley returns next week.

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