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7 Quick Takes (9)

May 7, 2010

Ash –

Oh look! We are going to blog today after all. And by “we,” I mean me since Matt is at work. But seriously, sorry it took me so long. Without further adieu, I bring you your Friday Quick Takes…

1. So today started off not so great. I’ve been operating on very little sleep lately. We’re talking somewhere between 11-12 hours of sleep over the past 3 days (that’s including naps aka the couple of times I passed out mid-studying). Meaning I’ve had almost a constant headache for the past 2 days. For lack of a better name, I like to call them sleep headaches. But last night I got 4 whole hours of sleep! The very definition of joy and happiness. I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the world. Or at least my organic chemistry lab exam. That is until I ran into the door. Now I have a headache for entirely different reasons.

2. That being said, I think I did just fine on my last exam of the semester. The rest of today will be spent cleaning and packing, but I figured I deserved a celebratory lunch first. So Matt and I choose Waco’s finest cuisine – the Olive Garden. Normally a delightful place. But not today, my friends. Not today. Although the place was dead, we were told we’d have to wait a couple of minutes. No biggie. Ten minutes later, we were seated. It took another five minutes for our hostess to bring us drinks and reassure us that our waiter “would be with us shortly.”

Five minutes after that our waiter walked past us claiming he’d be with us soon. Ten minutes after that another waiter (this poor guy hobbling around in one of those medical boots) asked if we’d been helped. We’ll call him Superman since he’s the real hero of this story. He took our order (a “healthy” angel hair pasta with shrimp and olive oil) and brought us a salad. God bless him. The breadsticks weren’t as good as normal, but at that point I would’ve eaten almost anything.

By the end of the salad, our original waiter dropped by to ask if we wanted more salad.  We told him we’d wait. Another 10-15 minutes later, our Superman heard our silent pleas for help and asked, “You still haven’t gotten your food?” Being a superhero and all, he brought us our meal AND took away all our dirty dishes (something the other waiter didn’t feel necessary when he’d stopped by earlier). Again, our original waiter drops by to see how we’re doing now that all the work is done. He’s completely unapologetic that our pasta is drowning in grease (so much for being healthy).

Finally we get the check. Of course we have to ask for the mints (hey that’s one of my favorite things about dining at the Olive Garden. I wasn’t about to leave without one). I think he brought each of us two as some sort of bribe. Before we left, Matt made sure to talk to the manager. Folks, I am marrying a class act. I would’ve torn our waiter apart, but Matt only made a few subtle comments about the service being subpar. Instead 80% of his comments were making sure the manager knew how awesome our Superman had been. Either way, I don’t think the Olive Garden and I will be speaking for awhile.

3. Despite all that drama, one part of Olive Garden did amuse me. They eat with tridents. Yeah I watched a little too much Big Bang Theory this week.

4. Did I mention finals are over? I’m just a little bit relieved.

5. One our way back to the apartment, we saw this sign. Does it remind anyone else of The Office?

6. PS if you haven’t been reading the Pioneer Woman this week, you’ve been missing out on some really great giveaways. I was so sad not to win the drool worthy candy apple red kitchen mixer. But I’m still crossing my fingers for the iPad. And I haven’t even entered today’s giveaway… yet.

so pretttttty. do want!

7. Anyway this weekend is the lovely Mother’s Day. Personally, I know my mother is wonderful. Got my gift picked out and everything (sadly it’s not the Kitchen Aid mixer). Hopefully we’ll have some fun Mother’s Day stories to share next week. In the meantime, Matt and I will be leaving the Wack tomorrow morning. I’d probably try to escape tonight if there wasn’t massive packing and cleaning to be done. Not to mention that whole lack of sleep thing. Wish us a safe driving trip, and I hope y’all have a great weekend. Try not to hit your head on anything and don’t eat at the Olive Garden!

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  1. May 7, 2010 11:46 pm

    Whenever PW posts a giveaway from a Kitchen Aid mixer, I have to stop myself from entering, since the one I own is less than a year old! I love mine so much, but would have loved to have gotten the glass bowl. 🙂

    • May 7, 2010 11:48 pm

      That was supposed to be “for a Kitchen Aid mixer”…it’s late and I should really get to sleep before I go around leaving more comments with spelling mistakes!

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