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Texas Tuesday (10)

May 11, 2010

Ash –

To all of you who actually read yesterday’s post, I’m sorry if I sounded a little morose. I shouldn’t be allowed to blog when I’m sleepy and grumpy. A hideous combination. But yay for the first summer Texas Tuesday! Does anyone think TT deserves its own logo? Not sure what it’d look like, but we finally have a little time to do some housework around the blog. Feel free to send in any suggestions! Or questions for next week. That would be deeeeeeee-lightful.

I promise this isn't our new logo. But aren't they gorgeous? I love that they are finally starting to open. Whole Foods flowers for the win!

1. If you could choose between a summer of fun but no money, and a summer of work (ergo money) and less fun time – which would it be? Which summer do you envision this to be?

Ashley – Kind of depends on the summer. As in what else is going on. I had a summer of fun and no money during post-high school but pre-college summer. A glorious time of in betweens. All I wanted to do was enjoy myself. Not sure how I managed to stay afloat financially considering how many times I went with friends to get a shake at Johnny Rockets (for that matter how I didn’t gain 10 pounds that summer). But I enjoyed it. Definitely relaxing, and I don’t think I ever got “bored.”

You get older though. Start helping out with car insurance. Paying for your own gas. Your credit card. Any clothes you weren’t already paying for. And so on. It’s an expensive world. This summer will be a little of both. Being paid to drive my sister to and from school for the next 3 weeks (makes me so thankful that I get to choose if I want an 8 a.m. or not in college). Then summer school throughout June but no job (although I did try). And we’ll just see what wonders July has in store.

Matt –  I’m personally trying to figure out how much fun can be had without money. Or at least it has seemed in the past that with work comes reward. Go earn some money? You can go blow a part of it. It is looking like this summer is going to be a mixture of both. Nothing but work work work in June, but in July I think we will be able to kick back and take advantage of some time off!

2. What are you looking forward to most as a college senior? least?

Matt – Senior year will bring my internship. It is looking like I will most likely be teaching Sports and Entertainment Marketing, a class that is RIGHT up my alley. I cannot express how excited I am to have this opportunity! Sports and entertainment is the main reason I relate to students as well as I do. Very exciting. Least looking forward to?

Ashley – Least = senior thesis (haven’t I already done enough writing???). Most = graduation (it’s going to be one amazing month of my and matt’s graduation, friends’ graduation, my sister’s graduation, my birthday, pre-wedding festivities, and then the wedding itself). That and I’m kind of excited to see which medical school I get into.

3. For Matt, have you quenched your shoe thirst for the time being?

Matt – YES! I finally buckled and replaced my basketball shoes. I’ve been kinda hard on em the past year. Anyway, I’ve always been a high top guy. Makes sense right? I don’t want to break my ankle. I’ve always said that I would never buy a lowtop, much less a shoe from Kobe Bryant. But alas, here they are:

The Nike Zoom Kobe V - in "Del Sol" colorway.

4. Name 3 ways to make money this summer that don’t require finding a full-time job.

Ash –

  1. Drive among the crazy Houstonians to get your sister to and from school. Parents like sleeping in and I like money.
  2. Well there is always the fall back girl option – beg people to let you babysit their children. Unfortunately that idea didn’t workout too well last summer.
  3. Sell a kidney if things get too desperate.

Matt – Well, do part-time jobs count? I will be working while at school this summer at the Student Life Center as I usually do during the school year. I figure I can always find a tutoring job. There seem to be tons available. And as a last resort? Hmm. I could pull the scam from Office Space!

5. How did you know that Matt/Ashley was “the one?”

Ash – This question comes from Matt’s Aunt Victoria. Feel free to check out her blog. To answer the question, I think there were lots of moments that confirmed for me that he was the one. Like every time I snuggled up to him to watch a movie. I fit perfectly in his arms. And I always felt so safe and warm that I’d fall right asleep. I think there was a more defining moment early on in our relationship though. I tend to have trouble trusting people, but there was one night where we sat in my car while I told him all of my most personal secrets (or at least things I don’t openly share). I remember being really nervous and scared that he’d be less interested in me afterward. Or that he’d be overwhelmed by all the information I was suddenly sharing. But he just kept stroking my hair and simply accepted all of it. I think that was the moment I knew he might be the one.

Matt – I’ve thought about this quite a bit actually. It was about 3 months after we started dating. We were watching a movie, Ash snuggled up under my arm as usual, and for some reason or another I asked her, “Do you feel safe?”. She said yes, and I responded with, “I do too”. This was really the first time I realized that every moment with this girl had felt comforting, natural, relaxing, and just like how I felt life was supposed to be. This is where I first had the notion of spending the rest of my life with this woman.

6. Cheap paper towels or printed paper towels. Which do you prefer?

Matt – I will only use these. Paper towels are for pansies.

Ash – Here is my trade. I’m willing to get cheap paper towels if my paper plates have some small design, or vice versa. The prints make me happy, but I have no problem tying to cut costs. At least in this arena.

7. How important is family?

Ash – I don’t think I can even explain how important family is. I rely on knowing that I have my family to be there for me in both the good and the bad times. On a side note, I do think family is more than just blood relatives. Sometimes you get to choose family. I liked this quote though:

The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.  ~Erma Bombeck

Matt – Family is defined as “a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption”. Sounds fair enough. Family on a deeper level is the people you choose to go through life with. How much more important can those people be? The contstants of your life? The one thing that will always be there as a support system? Your team? Pretty freaking important if you ask me.

8. After you are married, joint checking account or separate?

Matt – I would like to have a joint checking account. That way it’s the family’s money, not an individuals. It would give us the opportunity to both be involved in the financial decisions we make 🙂

Ash – Maybe both. We definitely want a joint checking account, but it might be nice to have separate ones also for the purpose of keeping gifts secret.

9. What descriptive word did you constantly use in high school (examples: precious, cool, awesome, etc.)?

Matt – This question is so “tight”. If I got to school and somebody had brought breakfast for everyone? That’s “tight”. If no homework was assigned that day? “TIGHT”. If I was told that there WAS homework assigned that I forgot about? Not “tight”.

Ash – Hahahaha. Oh my goodness. I had to talk to my family about this one. We had a high school carpool the first two years where all the parents took turns. Apparently my friends and I said “random” wayyyyy too much. I vaguely recall that now that they mention it. But at the time it seemed natural. What so and so said was “random.” What whichever teacher did was “random.” That day’s lunch choice was “random.” Definitely a phase.

10. Are there any Facebook games that you are addicted to?

Ash – Not anymore. There was an ugly Farmville period. Every morning and throughout the day I’d tend to my crops. Mostly I wanted to overtake Matt. In Ashley logic that seemed like the fair thing to do when he created my account after I told him not to. No need to do something as simple as delete the account. Let the record show that I did beat him. Of course by that point I was a slave to my corn, acorn squash, cows, and reindeer (yeah they were a holiday special). I forced myself to go cold turkey, delete my account, and close my eyes when new Farmville creations show up on my newsfeed (like cute baby horses or llamas).

Matt – My God. She’s so right about Farmville. It was a disease. I’ve stopped all that mess. I do still play one though, Scrabble. My Aunt is a huge scrabble fanatic (and rightly so, she’s incredible!!!) and I got started in order to have a chance to beat her. I’m losing the current game so bad I refuse to make another move.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 11, 2010 6:18 pm

    I went through the whole Farmville (and Yoville and Cafe World) phase. I’m so glad that I decided to just stop playing, it was so pointless!
    I love Texas Tuesdays! 🙂

  2. May 11, 2010 8:17 pm

    It’s so cool to hear both of your answers! And your answers about knowing how he was the one is the same for my husband & I , down to the letter =)

  3. Flo permalink
    May 12, 2010 8:52 pm

    Did someone say Scrabble?

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