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Texas Tuesday (11)

May 18, 2010


Well come on guys! Let’s not waste any time! It’s TEXAS TUESDAYYYYYYYYYY<breath>YYYYYYYYYY!

1. What is your favorite date memory together? Why?

Ash – Ahhh. So many to choose from. Maybe our “three month” (because you know relationships are counted in months at first). It was just a mess of a semester on so many levels, but here I was dating this great new guy. And guess what? He had relatives in Austin! Relatives that wanted to meet me! A weekend getaway to Austin? A chance to leave the mess behind for a weekend??? How perfect! I packed my duffel bag and was ready for our first road trip together (one of too many to count if you include the constant going back and forth between Waco and Houston). Plus it was the first time he got me flowers. He showed up outside my dorm with this vase of cheerful orange and yellow flowers. Sometimes you know when a guy is going to bring you flowers, but he caught me completely unaware. I don’t even remember what we did that weekend, but it was great.

Matt – I’m not exactly sure how much of a “date” it was. But the first time Ash and I really connected was the first time she got sick. And boy I tell you she was SICK. I’ve never seen somebody with the flu quite like this. I had brought her over the wrong kind of ramen noodles (they needed to microwave kind, DUH. stupid matt) and she was laying on her bed miserable. I took the best care of her I could (however limited that was), and I could tell that we kinda had something special 🙂

2. Who is better? Pepper, Hershey, or Buddy? Why? 

Ash – Well I just know Matt is going to tell you all about Buddy. So let me tell you about Pepper and Hershey (yes I’m going to choose both because I can’t hurt their feelings).  

Hershey is the “man” of the house. He patrols the outside making sure the perimeter is secure and is always begging my uncle to pass him a beer. Because of his stiff little legs, he can sit on my lap where I tend to bouncy him like a baby (much to his humiliation). If you ever want to play with him, ask him, “Where’s baby?” He’ll bring you his lamb and squeak you a song.  


You see that tongue? That's how he got his name. Hershey Kisses.



Meanwhile, Pepper is a princess. I’m sorry. She is a Princess (she’d like me to capitalize the P). The oldest, smallest, and by the far the bossiest. Those “two stupid boys” are dogs, and she has no idea why we ever got them. She’s very cute so you’ll be tempted to feed her. Please put your palm out like you’re feeding a horse. Otherwise you might lose a finger or two.  

Behold the Pepper!


 Matt – I’m not exactly sure if Ashley understood the question. We were talking about dogs right? Hershey is cool I guess, and Pepper is just bossy and demanding. If you’re looking for a dog out of the three, Buddy is your guy. Ok, so what? He doesn’t have the reputation of being the Doggy Aristotle or Einstein. But by golly he’s a great dog. He plays with a good ol’ fashioned American rubber ball, he likes to run aimlessly after getting riled up, and he will sit next to you and not on you. Buddy is definitely the best. 


3. What do you think will be your most interesting class next year? 

Ash – Uhhhh. I can’t even seem to remember which classes I’m taking next year. I seem to recall something about biochemistry and classical mythology. Hmmmm. Thinking any harder than that requires actual work. I’ll figure it out before fall…  

Matt – Are we talking Summer school or Fall? For Summer it will be Business Law… a lot of reading, but I think it will be interesting to finally get a look at business operations from a totally different angle. In the Fall, on top of my internship, I will be taking a class called Consumer Behavior, a marketing class covering the decisions made by a consumer, why he or she makes those decisions, and how those decisions can be influenced. Should be a blast! 

4. What is your favorite healthy recipe? 

Matt – I’m kind of confused here. What constitutes healthy? If we are talking SUPER healthy, then I suppose a piece of salmon and a vegetable medley of some sort. If we are allowed to live a little bit, sushi would definitely be my favorite. Ashley got me hooked on it a year or so back. Dreadfully addicted to a place in Houston by the name of Hokkaido on Bellaire. YUM. 

Ash – Nothing beats a great salad. You can do lettuce or cucumber as your base (especially for those of you who are allergic to or have trouble digesting lettuce). Add tomatoes, avocado, buffalo mozzarella, apples, steamed asparagus, and really whatever strikes your fancy (or that you actually have in the fridge). Also don’t forget some sort of dressing. My three favorites are blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, or olive oil and lemon juice. If you want to add a little protein, you can cook some salmon or chicken to throw on top (a great idea after a workout). I personally prefer to put it all together in a decent sized kitchen aid bowl. That way I’m stuffed until dinner.  

5. What are the top 5 things on your to do list right now? 

Ash –  

  1. Help clean out the storage room and my closet (done this weekend. hooray!)
  2. Help send out save the dates (doing tomorrow)
  3. Order transcripts (for my medical school applications)
  4. Buy books for my summer classes (British literature and fitness theory)
  5. Finish healing from this dumb surgery (followup appointment Thursday)

Matt – 

  1. Fully unpack
  2. Do some laundry
  3. Take the big coin jar into the bank
  4. Actually remember to take my antibiotic for my ever-disappearing ear infection
  5. Charge my iPod in order to listen to it for more than 90 seconds

6. What were some of your nicknames growing up? 

Ash – As a kid, my dad would call my Bruiser because of how many bruises I’d get. Real original, right? Just part of being a tomboy. Although I guess that doesn’t explain why I still randomly get bruises. This week I banged my knee on a patio table and somehow wound up with a bruise on the other knee…. sympathy bruise maybe? My middle school nickname was Brainstein. My last name is Brenstein. I was the smartest kid in the class. I’m sure you don’t have to be a Brainstein to get that one. 

Matt – If you go back to the guys who were at St. Thomas Aquinas High School with me in Houston my sophomore year, you will find out. I wasn’t foreign to the fact that I was relatively pale compared to most of the other guys on the basketball team. I was foreign to having a nickname that personified that. Most guys in that class know me as Casper and not by my real name. I’m kind of a big deal. 

I have a lot more hair though.

7. What was the most unique thing about your high school? 

Matt – Which high school? I went to three different high schools (all by choice). Pearland HS for freshman year, St. Thomas for sophomore year, and back to where I went to middle school, Lutheran South Academy for my last two years. The most unique one? Tough to say. At Pearland, the FFA (Future Farmers of America) were the cool kids. At St. Thomas, the athletes were the cool kids. And at LSA, the kids who made fun of the cool kids were the cool kids. Funny how it changes. 

Ash – Besides being one of two all girl Catholic schools in Houston? Well we also had a flying nun. Try and top that! 

8. Most interesting bet you ever made? 

Ash – You guys are hearing from the Ashley that survived high school and is almost out of college. She’s practically a different person. I used to be painfully shy. People would meet me and assume I was a snob simply because I was too shy to talk to them. And Ms. Flo was determined to change all of that. She made some good attempts. Talking to a cute guy (my age) on the elevator (only the three of us and all levels of awkward). A couple of bribes. But then she figured it out! I will NOT turn down a bet if I can help it. Her solution: Bet me $100 to stand up on a chair in a restaurant and sing all of “Amazing Grace.” We’re talking about the girl who had to ask the piano man to re-start that same song three times during choir auditions because she got so nervous (I still don’t know why they let me join). I’m in early high school mind you. This isn’t some cute five year old putting on a performance. No way I was turning down $100 though. So I did it, and I suppose that was step 1 in getting over my shyness. 

Matt – No way I have a story as good as that. I suppose I’m not really much of a better. With the guys there are the usual bets to find out who pays for dinner, etc. However I do vaguely recall betting a neighborhood kid on a sporting event (I want to say the Super Bowl). If I lost, I had to give up my best Pokemon card. If he lost? Well, he didn’t lose. Sad day. 

I can't believe I owned these things. Was NOT happy about losing it though.

9. Are you allergic to anything? 

Ash – The shorter list might be what I’m not allergic to. No specific food allergies, but lets just say my back was aflame when I did one of those allergy tests (the one where the doctor pricks your back again and AGAIN for something like 50 different things). Some of the major ones are mold, certain trees, certain grasses, some dogs, things that start with the letter Q, and cats. Oh my gosh, cats! My aunt has three of them. For that reason, I barely know what her apartment looks like.  

Matt – Codeine and codeine derivatives. Coincidentally, the pain medication they usually give you AFTER YOUR WISDOM TEETH SURGERY. My experience of finding that out right after my operation was….less than ideal. Never have had bad allergies in the stereotypical sense 

10. Do you have any real autographs (not the cheap ones “signed” on posters) from famous people? 

Matt – I do. Not a whole bunch, but one that I am quite fond of. During the Houston Rockets championship run of ’95, my family and I were eating a popular Mediterranean restaurant. Low and behold, sitting a few feet away from our table was the great Hakeem Olajuwon. I was WAYYYY too nervous to talk to him, so when we both finished our meals at the same time, my dad asked him to sign something for me. All we had was a business card from the restaurant. I still have that here in my desk drawer. 

Ash – Actually I found two of my autographs while cleaning this weekend. During spring break in the fifth grade, we took a trip to New York and went to a Liberty game. I was with a friend in another section, but the rest of my family and her mom were in the winning “party” zone. Party people got to go backstage after the game for an autograph session. Despite the awful coffee (? coke?) stain all over the collar, I still haven’t washed that shirt. My other prized autograph is from Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls – one of my all time favorite shows). She actually went to my high school (not while I was there of course). So she came back as the keynote speaker during one of our Career Days. I can’t even pretend I wasn’t a geek about it…. but at least I didn’t ask for her notecards like one of the other girls!


Matt – Thanks guys! Good questions. Keep ’em coming!


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  1. Flo permalink
    May 18, 2010 9:03 am

    Any blog featuring our pups is a great blog!

  2. May 18, 2010 12:07 pm

    You’re sending out your Save the Dates tomorrow?? That’s odd because I received mine already… 🙂

  3. Judi Brenstein permalink
    May 19, 2010 7:47 am

    I will have to check my calendar to see if I can attend your wedding. What day did you say it was again?


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