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Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, and Orange Traffic Cones

May 19, 2010

Ash –

Halfway through the work/school week! Come on. You can do it. Cut some corners. Secretly play on your iPhone. Somehow you will make it to the weekend! And if you need a little pick me up, make sure to re-watch Glee and pick up some Ben and Jerry’s “oatmeal cookie chunk” (description: sweet cinnamon ice cream with chunks of oatmeal cookies and fudge). One word: yum! Seriously after a long day of productivity it turned my whole day around. Yesterday was both successful and delicious.

I even tried something new (for me). I watched the first half of last night’s Biggest Loser (the second half was naturally forfeited to Glee). Sure it made me feel a teensy bit less warm and fuzzy about my ice cream (but then I remembered the cinnamon-y goodness and it was all good again). Plus it was kind of entertaining. I’m pretty sure the one guy was cheating by going to Las Vegas though. Doesn’t that ruin the whole point of the exercise? To learn how to find a balance between staying fit vs. home life?

Anyway I digress. I read this funny Reese Witherspoon quote the other day:

Being a Southern person and a blonde, it’s just not a good combination. Immediately, when people meet you, they think of you as not being smart.

Personally I think that stereotype’s funny. After all, I’m blonde. And I know I’m not dumb. Proof (since y’all have no “real” reason to take my word): I was the “valedictorian” of my middle school (whatever that’s worth – our graduating class was 14 kids). On a more impressive note, I was in the top 5% of one of the most competitive high schools in Houston. Plus I’ve kept up a relatively high GPA in college. And whenever I’m not so smart….. I can always blame being blonde!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but besides both of us being ridiculously good looking, Matt and I are both blonde. However, while my blonde has faded over the years and now days requires the assistance of chemicals. His remains as blonde as ever.

Okay. Maybe not that blonde. But isn't he too cute? Maybe 4 years old in this picture?

And boy do I love his hair. Not only is it pretty. But it’s also soft, shinny, and fluffy. Sometimes I wish my hair would behave that way.

Someone please tell him the sunglasses on the back of the neck look dorky. He still doesn't believe me

Apparently boy hair gets hot during the summer? I wouldn’t really know. Girls may cut their hair shorter for fashion reasons, but it isn’t typically “to escape the heat.” That’s the whole point of ponytails and hair ties.

But every summer I hear the same thing, “So maybe I should cut my hair.” Which turns into, “So what would you think if I cut my hair?” Which becomes, “Maybe I should get a haircut today… I mean my hair is so shaggy. It’s getting ridiculous.” A month later, he finally “puts his foot down” and tells me he’s going to get a hair cut. While I cry a little inside, I shrug my shoulders and agree as long as he doesn’t buzz cut it (that was an unfortunate hair cut early in our relationship).

So yesterday after I was done with all my other errands and my glorious ice cream I beat him to the punch line, “Why don’t we go get your hair cut today?”

See he does love Pepper!

And so we did. He and I have a annual summer agreement that he puts it in a faux hawk while he’s around me (it reminds me of the glorious fluffy days). I let him slide in this picture since we headed straight to my house after getting it cut.

Most of you would probably agree that the blonde stereotype typically applies to girls more than guys. But this is how I know my baby is a true blonde:

Driving into the parking lot. Matt suddenly turns a different way.

Ashley: Why did you turn? The parking lot is there.

Matt: Yeah. But there was a cone.

Ashley sees the cone but knows they could’ve driven around it. After all, they ARE in a truck.

Ashley: Ummmm. Was the cone intimidating?

Matt: Well did you see how big and orange it was?

Good thing I love that boy something fierce. Because here was his even blonder moment of the day.

Walking in to get his hair cut. Receptionist asks for his name and phone number (he’s been there before).

Receptionist: So are you going to want a faux hawk?

Matt (bewildered): How did you know that???

Receptionist: And are you also going to want a 6 on the sides?

Matt (a look of awe has come on his face): Seriously y’all are good.

Receptionist: Actually we just keep notes here on our computer.

Matt: Oh…..

Hehehe. He’s just too funny sometimes. In his defense, apparently this was a new system. But see the story just got a loss less funny. Sigh. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. Matt is very smart. We just excel in very different subjects. I wouldn’t touch that business stuff with a stick. Anyway I hope he appreciates his shorter hair because I’m going to miss how fluffy it was. Although according to my family it actually looks even blonder now that it’s shorter (I know it’s hard to tell in that picture).

Good luck to everyone else on avoiding the heat! Summer is finally in swing, and I’m loving it. Might I suggest a hair cut or some ice cream? Also if you’re needing something to pass the time until this weekend we’d love to get some more Texas Tuesday questions!

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  1. Flo permalink
    May 19, 2010 3:36 pm

    Summer-Ash is BACK! Doesn’t she sound more relaxed and fun-loving now? Semester-Ash is gone until summer school at least. Yippeee. Enjoy! Love that hair, Matt

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