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7 Quick Takes (11)

May 21, 2010

Ash –

Random tangent of the morning. So I want to sing what I would call “Good Morning Houston.” I’m just in that good of a mood. It’s a Friday. The sun is shinning. My puppies’ tails are wagging. My mom comes home from the Philippines this weekend. And Matt might come visit me today. Plus my birthday is on Monday. The big two one. But sadly there is no such song. I only know of “Good Morning Baltimore” from the musical Hairspray. And you can’t really insert Houston for Baltimore. Not well anyway. I’ve tried. So good morning Houston! You’ll just have to accept my exclamation mark and forego the song.

1. Matt – Something really weird happened the other day. My family was hanging out across the street with Mosh and Posh (alternative names for The Nana and Papa), when Mosh all of a sudden emitted a high pitched “OH!”. Naturally everybody looked at her in confusion.

Nana – “My right hand itches.”

Everyone – “Uhhh…”

Nana – “When my right hand itches, I’m going to have company.”

Everyone – “Uhhh…”

I’m still trying to figure this out. I can plausibly understand joints hurting when air pressure changes (right before a thunderstorm). But itching hands? Nana, I love you to death and you are the nicest person I know, but that’s completely insane.

2. Ash – Matt and I are still somewhat of the newbies on the blogging block. After all, it feels like almost all the other blogs I read have already celebrated their 100th. But hey we’re trying. And this week has definitely been one of our better weeks. No I can’t really say that based on viewer hits. Those are pretty much the same. But we’ve gotten lots more spam (twisted when you start viewing your success in how much spam you get, right?). Plus we had more than usual search engine results (leading to our blog). Some were simple. Some were very specific. I thought y’all might get a kick out of hearing some:

  • faux hawk (sorry to whoever searched that and was hoping to see an actual faux hawk)
  • picture of boy with blue eyes and blonde hair (and you found a very cute one here. you’re welcome)
  • casper waiter (Ummm…..)
  • Alexis Bledel (that’s right. Drool over my too cool autograph. I should have included a picture)
  • airborne toxic event (sorry if you were expecting to actually learn something about them. We just went to ACL last year)

3. Matt –  I’m quite proud of myself. I haven’t gone off on some basketball tangent in a long time. May and June are kind of like the Sunday of my sports world. It’s great! You can do whatever you want! There’s the NBA! No cares! Always looking forward to Sunday dinner! So exciting! Until you realize tomorrow is freaking Monday. NBA playoffs are well under way and will end sometime in mid June. This means that the only sport we have left is baseball. I’m not doggin’ baseball, but man, I can’t bring myself to watch a whole game on tv. Especially with the Astros playing like a little league team. </sportsrant>

4. Ash – Remember I mentioned how things change when you leave home? In my case it’s partly because my parents are renovating the house. All things they’ve wanted to do for quite some time but “never really got around to it.” Like my bathroom (which pretty much deserves its own blog now that it’s so BEAUTIFUL). This week’s focus is a new patio cover in our backyard (as in an extension to our roof to provide desirable shade in the Houston heat). I’m not allowed to post a picture until the official unveiling, but it is looking SUPERB. Even makes the constant construction noise worth it.

This isn't new. Just pretty. I love my backyard.

These were a surprise when I came home though. Look! Basil Jr. is toward the right 🙂

5. Matt – I have a serious question for you guys. Life or death stuff. What’s the best late night snack? I’m always looking. It’s harder lately now that I’m looking for the healthier option. There HAS to be something equally as tasty as a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit but with less guilt attached.

6. Ash – One more reason to be happy today: Google put Pac Man on their main page/search engine (instead of their usual logo). It’s actually activated so you can play it. Simple things like this make my world go ’round.

7. Matt – The speakers on my new Dell are outrageous. I turned it up halfway and jammed to some Lupe Fiasco while doing dishes downstairs. Halfway.  And the sound quality was like I was listening to my headphones….downstairs. “Kick, push, and coast.”

Save an additional $50 off systems $699 and above with coupon code: WQQ$MQ0M4JNCWD. Or save $100 off systems $999 and above with coupon code: B980P775CS2Z02. Go to or call 866-914-6077 for details. Offer ends 6/30.

Alrighty guys, have a good weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Anyone down for a round of golf next week?

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