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The One Where She Turns 21

May 26, 2010

Ash –

My goodness this has been a busy week. I’m going to be straightforward with y’all. I’m exhausted! Today (or Tuesday) my parents took me shopping at the Galleria to buy suits for my (future) medical school interviews. If you’ve never been to the Galleria, it’s HUGE! We’re talking largest mall in Texas and seventh largest in the U.S. huge. And who knew that conservative suits are so hard to find at this time of year? Talk about a needle in a haystack. Whew. So I apologize if this isn’t my greatest blog but bear (Matt – hehe, she said “bear”. like baylor. hehe!) with me.

What I went shopping in today. Notice the cute new shorts. Gift from Matt!

If you’ve been keeping up, I don’t know how you could’ve missed my birthday, but just in case you did…. it was Monday. And I am officially twenty-one. How does a happily engaged girl applying to medical school and living in Texas celebrate the big two one?

Well she starts the morning by taking her sister to school. Sam is on a funky schedule because this is her exam week. Meaning I had two hours to play with before she needed to be picked up. Two hours? Pretty much not even worth going back to sleep (the drive alone takes at least 20 minutes). I needed to request some more college transcripts (in person) anyway. Seemed like a prime time. And hey misery (a.k.a. waking up early) loves company. So I invited Matt to join me for a birthday “brunch” at La Madeline (there is a billboard advertising some beautiful chocolate concoction of their’s between his house and mine so I knew he was dying to go).

Good thing calories don’t exist on Ashley Day because I indulged myself (and no I don’t know the damage yet because my birthday gift to myself was to not weigh until after a day or two of “recovery”…. maybe that “snack” slice of cake today wasn’t such a good idea). Full belly, transcripts requested, and sister safely back home, I was a happy girl. And the day only got better!

Because my mom and I had a date planned for noon. A very special date. We took a little trip downtown…. for my first wedding dress fitting!!! I know. This would be even better if y’all could have pictures (and they do exist). But I just can’t do it. Matt wants to be surprised on our wedding day. So y’all will just have to be surprised with him (well except my family because I’m not crazy. I certainly wasn’t going to pick the dress alone with no feedback). The dress is amazing. Enough said. At least until you get to see pictures…. a year from now.

How can we make this day even better though? I know! Go pick up the best fried rice in Houston (Fu’s Garden), bring it home to chow on, and then take the birthday girl out for her first drink! Y’all are going to laugh at me, but I forgot my I.D. Sadly I’m not even kidding. I told you that I had some blonde moments. Lucky for me, the waiter was understanding (he’s actually turning twenty-one this weekend) plus my mom was there anyway. Swirled margaritas for the win! My goodness I love living in Texas (yes I know there are margaritas in other states but it’s just not the same).

Look at that family resemblance 🙂

Once we got home, I did the next logical thing. I passed out on my bed until my birthday dinner. Once more. Let me repeat. I am SO GLAD that calories do not exist on Ashley Day. Because I definitely enjoyed my birthday steak. And the homemade chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream was more than just “passable.”

Oh chocolate cake. Why must you be my kryptonite?

On to the presents! I got lots of goodies. And as much as I like lists, I won’t list them all out for you like a kid reciting what he/she got for Christmas. But remember that beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer? With the sparkling glass bowl? The one the Pioneer Woman was giving away? The one that broke my heart when I didn’t win it? The one I keep a picture of on my computer just in case I ever need to look at something pretty? The one my parents own in a different color and with a regular bowl which I told them wasn’t the same at all? The one I was going to register for our wedding? Remember that? Well my parents must really love me because they tracked it down for my birthday. They even addressed the card “to Julia (Child)”  (how cute are they).

I don't like it. I love it!

Now it was time for me, Matt, and my “food baby” to head on to Dave and Busters to meet up with some friends. We were an hour late. Don’t ask (Matt was not happy with himself… we probably should have brought the GPS). But like the great friends they are, nobody was upset (although there was some rightly deserved teasing). Really I had a great time. Everything from the thousand and one prizes Blaine won at the claw machine (and then gave to me) (M – and then made me look bad with) to Monet insisting that I pick “pretty pretty princess” ticket prizes as part of my birthday.

Those don't even include the toys Blaine won for the other girls.

I hate to break it to you but that’s all she wrote. Past that I came home. Curled up in bed and fell fast asleep. I’m lucky mom offered to take Sam to school this morning because boy did I enjoy sleeping in. So did my Kitchen Aid mixer!

Had to text mom because I left my keys at home (long story). Ash: "Thank you! Did you put a blanket on my kitchen aid mixer?" Mom: "Right after she got her bedtime story!"

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  1. Flo permalink
    May 26, 2010 7:33 am

    It was a fun day, Ash. Now when do we get some cinnamon-goodness from your candy apple red, pampered mixer?

  2. May 26, 2010 8:04 am

    Happy belated 21st birthday Ashley!

  3. May 26, 2010 8:34 am

    I’ve been dying for a Kitchen Aid with a glass bowl! But I guess I should be happy that I even have one at all! I also hugged mine. Um, in fact, I’d hug any Kitchen Aid stand mixer at the store.

  4. May 26, 2010 9:37 am

    I really wish I could put a picture in this comment. Then everyone could see all of the things Blaine won. Ridiculous. I’m glad you had an awesome day!

  5. May 26, 2010 1:55 pm

    HOLY COW! You already went in for your first fitting??? Your wedding is over a year away! Take your time girl! (And remember that your early 20s is the biggest time for your body to change… so the chances that you are the same size in a year are slim!) And to help you relax, might I remind you that I planned my entire wedding in 6 months.

    Glad you had a great birthday! LOOOOVE that mixer!!

    • May 26, 2010 8:28 pm

      Well the reason we had a fitting now was to check nothing was majorly wrong with the dress that they’d ordered for me. The place I bought it had a dress “plan” where I bring it back in 3 weeks before the wedding and they change every small thing that needs to be changed. So I’m not too worried about my body changing

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