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7 Quick Takes (12)

May 27, 2010

Matt –

I’m actually writing part of this blog from my handy dandy BLACKBERRY BOLD! I’m sorry. Won’t bring it up again. Too cool!

1) Matt – If I haven’t mentioned it before, my younger brother (I can’t say little anymore) has owned a number of hermit crabs over the past couple of years. We started out with three crabs by the names of Jack, Daryl, and Daryl. Well Daryl died a couple of months ago, leaving just Jack (any Will and Grace comments to make?) and Daryl.

These are seriously the weirdest animals ever. They climb the walls of the cage… And even climb across the wire mesh ceiling. Creepy. Anyways, they crabs are very skiddish and easily frightened. It’s quite amusing to watch them duck quickly under their shells. For this reason, I like to scare them intentionally… mostly to let them know who’s boss. And if I’m having a particularly bad day I say demeaning things to them like: “You’re just a stupid crab. Aren’t you? Dumb crab” and “Hey you. Just go climb stuff you stupid crab.” It makes me feel powerful.

2) Ash – I finally got the birthday weight off (small yay). And how do I reward myself? A bowl of cereal with 2% milk! What’s the big deal about 2% milk? 4 years ago I was on Jenny Craig. 4 years ago I was converted to skim (or 0%) milk. Really the taste doesn’t bother me. Many of you would disagree. Matt is without a doubt one of those people. He drinks milk like it’s water whereas I mostly just use it for cereal and cooking. Translation: he LOUDLY complained every time he would visit my apartment (you’d have thought I was trying to poison him).

He convinced me to start buying 1% milk (well he tried for whole milk but was never going to win that battle). My friends thought I was crazy (they are 0%’ers themselves), but hey you make some compromises when you’re in a relationship. But I challenge all of you to drink lighter milk (for maybe a month) because it comes with a terrific side benefit (besides fewer calories). The next time you have “richer” milk is the absolute best! My bowl of cereal this morning was like having cream with my breakfast. Reward indeed.

3) Matt – Now that I have a working camera (can’t find my old one) I can finally show you my laptop. I believe the artwork on the cover is titled “Surfer Gnomes”. Take that for what you will.

After you look at it for awhile, you see the Gnome.

(by the way the coupon below is still valid! take advantage while you still can!)

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4) Dear Medical School Applications,

I’m not sure why you require quite so much information. Does it really help you in your decision to know what state, city, AND county my mother was born in? The population size of my own hometown? (Thank you Google) Why must you know the exact breakdown of my SAT and ACT scores and the months I took them in? Isn’t that why I took the MCAT? So you’d have a new standardized exam to judge me by? And what about this “proof of residency?” At this point you probably have more information about me than the CIA, and yet you keep telling me that you cannot “determine” if I’m a resident? Sigh. However, if you promise to offer me pretty med school interviews, I promise I’ll continue to jump through your hoops and hurdles with a smile on my face.



5) Matt – All the females who detest contact fighting sports of any kind may want to skip this quick take. Now would be a good time to go grab a snack or something. But tomorrow I am driving out to Galveston with a bunch of the guys then at night we are all getting together to watch UFC 114 on Pay-Per-View. This isn’t something we do all too terribly often, but when we do it’s a blast. The main attraction? Not even a title fight. Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson are two light heavy weights that share a genuine… dislike for each other. Nothing makes a fight better than when you KNOW the two guys are taking it personally. Should be interesting.

6) Ash – Does anyone want to recommend a recipe involving cinnamon that I can use with my new Kitchen Aid mixer? I got some new cookbooks (both of them are specifically geared toward using the mixer so that should be neat). But I’d appreciate any suggestions. Several of my loved ones are big cinnamon fans (cough*Ms. Flo and Matt*cough). Meaning they’re already looking at their calendars and demanding a time, date, and place for their cinnamon-y treat.

Apparently one of the Pioneer Woman's "favorites" is cinnamon rolls. Don't those look good???

7) Matt – This last quick take will be used to share some kind words celebrating the life and mourning the passing of “Matt’s Masculinity”:

Matt’s Masculinity always seemed to be there. It was reliable, steady, and always present. This is why we thought it would last forever. Until yesterday, the fateful Thursday that found Matt and his Manliness posed with a dilemma: 1) Make Ashley very very happy by seeing Sarah Jessica Parker prance about and talk fashion with her girlfriends in New York City OR 2) Remain completely manly. Matt’s Masculinity sacrificed itself for the greater good. And for this, it shall always be remembered and celebrated in our day to day lives.

Wow. That kinda made me tear up. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hansen permalink
    May 28, 2010 3:23 pm

    Can I have a cinnamon treat too? Please?

  2. May 28, 2010 5:49 pm

    Ash- If you don’t end up making cinnamon rolls, I’d definitely suggest cupcakes of some sort with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. YUM!
    My bf insists on only drinking 2% milk, which was hard for me to adjust to when we moved in together (I was a 1% girl). Luckily I only like milk with my cereal, or when I’m cooking/baking. so I don’t notice too much of a difference anymore. Also? I was definitely reminded of a Napoleon Dynamite quote while reading about your milk history:

    “I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ’cause you think you’re fat? Because you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to.”

  3. Judi Brenstein permalink
    May 29, 2010 8:09 am

    I’m liking the “Dear Med School Applications” bit myself. I thought the same thing when you asked me what county in Illinois I was born in. But, alas, let’s use our “MRI” (most respectful interpretation) there is someone at this school who actually plots out the counties of parents of applicants to do a study on the sociological patterns of physician healers to determine if it has any correlation to the migration patterns of ancestoral Americans. How’s that?

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