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Social Overload

May 27, 2010

Matt –

I’m a geek. Lets just get that OUT OF THE WAY. I like nerdy things. I like video games. I like computers. I like Fry’s electronic superstores. But up until yesterday, I thought I liked cell phones. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the newest member of the CrackBerry nation.

Isn't she pretty?

To go back in time a bit, I previously toted around what Ashley affectionately called “The Brick”. My Helio “Ocean”….well…it was kind of a brick. But at the time two years ago when I got it? It was the savior of the technological world in my eyes.

Matt – “It slides! In two different directions!” <whooomp> <whooomp>

Ash – “That’s uh….that’s great.” <fake smile>

So maybe the Helio wasn’t the greatest choice. Maybe it wasn’t all it was built up to be in my mind. But this, dear readers, is the FUTURE. <cue Final Countdown music>. I picked up this beauty yesterday at the local AT&T store. I immediately knew what it was to be a “Crackberry user”.

“Oh hey! Let’s add some contacts. Oh cool….just add in their email address. Oh well I gotta set up my email account for Baylor. Oop, can’t forget the Yahoo account. Oh sweet! My first email! Let’s respond! Sweeeeeet. What’s that Dad? What do we want for lunch? Well let me just look up restaurants in the city that we’ve lived in for 12 years! I’m sure the internet browser can tell me! What’s that, Dad? What else can I look up on this thing? Well all sorts of things I supp…..well I imagine I could look up therapists, but I’m not sure why I would want to…oh what the heck!

I really can’t stress enough how addicting this little thing is. The only way I can describe it is, imagine having every single friend you know right next to you at the exact same time. The only setback? Forgoing reality. It seems like a relatively fair trade-off.

The Top 5 Coolest Things I Can Do RIGHT NOW with My BlackBerry:

1) Set the alarm for way before I wanted to wake up

2) Set the ringtone for every person I hate to “Barbie Girl” from Aqua

3) Take pictures of random, funny things, then forget to send them

4) Visit the Blackberry App World Store to download the latest patch for Google Sync. This will allow me to have the most up to date ability to not only syncronize my contacts, but also my calendar with my online calendar that I update with my laptop. After the synchronization is complete, I am able to reconcile my daily plans with those listed on my agenda. After looking at the invitations to the events on my calendar, I can email, text, SMS, MMS, PBS or CBS the individuals I want to meet up at a local restaurant before hand. Using the built-in YellowPages application, I can find precise address information which I will promptly plug into my Google Maps application to find directions with no left turns. After arriving at the restaurant (pending I chose one with the appropriate wi-fi capability, and who doesn’t?) I can use my online browser to place my order without leaving the table. After eating my friends and I can Google Voice Search for the most appropriate movie times and then purchase tickets. After arriving at the movie theatre (via Google Maps) I can have my phone screen burn a little white rectangle into the corneas of everyone sitting behind me during the movie.

5) Turn it on

This new toy for me does mean good things for you guys though. Expect more real life pictures of our journeys through life and all of the little things we come across along the way. I really see being more connected as a good…sorry. Gotta take this.

Hello? No…I’m blogging right now….

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