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Summer Scatterbrain (5)

May 31, 2010

What happens when you totally blow off a weekend and can’t keep a single train of thought going for more than a few seconds? You tend to have a…


1) I really want to start off by saying how important Memorial Day is. Every day, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it, thousands of men and women choose daily to put their lives and futures at risk to defend this country. Rather than following rock stars or athletes around like puppies, we should be celebrating THESE people. THESE people are the real rock stars. I feel we really take for granted some of the freedoms we have. Regardless of your political alignment, military personell and their families have sacrificed (sometimes everything) so that you can choose what political group you want to support. It’s a scary/sad/inspirational thing to think about. A big thank you to my grandfather who served. If there is somebody in your life who helped defend our freedoms, please take the time to thank them. They deserve it.

2) The time has come. Tomorrow marks the beginning of summer school, and coincidentally the dissolving of my social life for a month. Since my school load is so heavy for June, I will be suspending my Facebook and Twitter accounts and taking a lesser role here at DoubleShot. I’m not particularly excited about taking a break, but it’s what I need to do to succeed. I might have gotten caught up in too many distractions of the past semester and it looks like I need to fix a couple of mistakes this summer. So if you guys could, please help Ashley out with the blog! Send her questions, send her ideas, maybe request to do a guest author spot? Who knows!?! We get wild and crazy over here. Crazy.

3) To celebrate the long weekend and the end of the first part of my summer, I joined a bunch of the guys (and a couple of new friends) at the beach in Galveston for a day of relaxation. After the beach we came back to a friend’s house to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship #114. Here are the things we learned:

  • Putting Dos Equis on a burger does not necessarily make it taste any better.
  • You can catch a crab with a frisbee.
  • You can catch a fish with bare hands.
  • Swimming 30 feet in the ocean is comparable in difficulty to swimming 1,000,000 feet anywhere else. Or at least my cardiovascular system likens it to that.
  • The game “Tailgate Golf” is too easy. My teammate and I retired an undefeated 5-0.
  • In a fight, it doesn’t matter how flabby or out of shape you are. All that matters is how lucky you are or how unlucky the extremely cut and buff guy you are fighting is.
  • On most given days, speed beats power.

A smaller, quicker Rashad Evans (right) defeated Rampage Jackson (left) by unanimous decision Saturday night.

4) Ashley and I are having a debate. It came up as we were packing for Waco yesterday. I have a very organized way of packing.

  1. Pile up all clothes and anything else on bed or flat surface.
  2. Fold and group items.
  3. Place biggest items in bags first.
  4. Pack around items to ensure efficient use of space.

Ashley is fond of this system:

  1. Put all items in bag.

I’m not saying her system is wrong, but I’m getting a lot of grief over this. Am I wrong for pre-packing and organizing my stuff? Is there anyone out there who does that as well?

Until the next time I write, I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!

***GUYS! We need questions for tomorrow. Send us some Texas Tuesday questions you want answered! If you send 10, your blog or webpage will be featured on DoubleShot! Let us hear from you!

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  1. Judi Brenstein permalink
    May 31, 2010 9:42 am

    As debated, I agree with Ashley. Putting all things in the bag in no particular order works quite well. And if you forget something? Well that’s what shopping is for!

  2. June 1, 2010 3:12 pm

    yeah, i’m with ash. except my clothes always get wrinkled

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