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Texas Tuesday (16)

June 22, 2010

Matt –

Well helllooooo there. Thought I would swing by and take credit for contribute to OUR blog a little bit. Answer a few questions. Do a little dance. Get down tonight. The regular.

I like this. It really speaks to me. It says, "Texas".

1. What is your favorite song and why?

Ash – I always find “Time After Time” by Tuck & Patti to be very soothing/invigorating/or whatever I need. It has been one of my favorite songs since middle school. Memories of good times (like driving in a corn field with the top down and singing at the top of your lungs), heart wrenching times, and everything in between are associated with that song.

Matt – This question is impossible. But I will muster up an answer. (Intense concentration). I would have to say “Change the World” by Eric Clapton. Its a song I’ve known pretty much since it was released in ’96. Did I know it was my favorite song back then? Not even close. At the age of 8 you don’t understand nearly any of what Eric is talking about. And when you bring up his other songs….. that’s definitely a good thing.

2. Do you miss anything about being single?

Ash – Yes and no. I love Matt and am so lucky to have found him this early in life. I spent all of high school as a single girl and NEVER (I’m talking winning big in Vegas kind of odds) expected I’d find my “one” right before college. I certainly wouldn’t go back to singledom without Matt for anything. But I guess the one thing I “miss” is how your friends treat you. When most of your friends are single themselves or at the very least not engaged they start to see/treat you a little differently. Not in a bad way. Just in a different way. It’s like the opposite of being single when most of your friends are in a relationship. Am I making any sense? Hopefully some of you know what I’m talking about.

The best part? When Ash doesn't drink all of hers.

Matt – I am so eternally happy…. that I get to write this answer after Ashley. I would have been TERRIFIED to write anything other than “absolutely not…. never been happier… no chance in hell I want to be single”. By the way, all that is still true, but I can dig a little deeper into the question knowing she feels the same way. Speaking from personal experience, being single (or in a relationship… doesn’t matter) is the grass on the other side. When you don’t know any better, it looks greener. For me at least, it wasn’t. After meeting Ashley, it keeps getting greener and greener right where I am.

3. Is there any place to go dancing in Waco?

Ash – Technically yes. The major ones are Alazan (mostly reggaeton and top radio hits), Legacy (hip hop and again those top radio hits), and Wild West (country if that wasn’t obvious and again you guessed it – radio hits). The last time I actually tried to go dancing in Waco? First semester of sophomore year. I think I went dancing with the girls so much freshman year that it lost its appeal. I’d rather just sing and dance in my own kitchen.

Matt – Not a single one. I mean there is a Dairy Queen, where most of MY dancing occurs after sneaking a Blizzard on the way to work (so Ash doesn’t see and still thinks I’m eating healthy! heehee!). Other than that or the “dances” our strictly Baptist University reluctantly holds, nufin’. I DO like, however, when Ashley dances in the kitchen when she thinks I’m not looking.

4. What extracurricular activities did you do in high school? Do you wish you still did them?

Ash – I’m sure I’ve mentioned one two or maybe three thousand times that I was a nerd in high school. My biggest extracurricular was probably studying. Lets just throw that out there. But there was also: Spanish club, Key club, volunteering at Texas Children’s Hospital, the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, National Honors Society, and student ambassador (you got to miss an entire class to give tours to middle schoolers!). Oh and mixed chorus (which just means there were boys AND girls since technically we were an all girls school). I’ve continued volunteering in college so I don’t really miss that. I suppose I miss choir. I still sing but it’s harder to improve your voice when you aren’t getting that daily practice and critique.

Matt – I hate the term jock. It makes me think of Emilio Estevez in Breakfast Club. I played sports. It was what I lived for in high school. Only _____ more hours ’till practice. Only ______ days from the next game….who do we play? Basketball was incredible, even though we weren’t terribly good. Golf tournaments got me out of school for 6-8 days a month. How can you NOT like it? Loved sports then, love ’em in a different way now.

You see that? He was a state champion.

5. If you could live anywhere where would it be?

Ash – Personally I love living in Texas. As the saying goes, I may have been born in California but I got here as fast as I could.

Matt – Houston, Texas. Suburbs, city…it doesn’t matter. Best city in the world. (Sorry NYC).

6. What’s the color of the nearest object to you? Explain it in five words without telling us what it is.

Ash – Color: Cream. Square. Destination labeled. Stamp needed.

Matt – Count above. That’s 6? 7? My turn:

Rectangular Prison Words Numbers Accounting

(Ash – If you were confused by the “count above” part, he was trying to make fun of how I technically used 7 words. But I counted the color question as separate from the five words. Maybe he would have noticed that if he bothered to give you a color himself. Take that Matthew!)

7. Would you ever want to be on your own t.v. show?

Ash – Most of the time – no. Every now and then – yes. I think I’d enjoying laughing at myself for days like yesterday. Where I sleep through my alarm and wake up an hour later only to realize I have 15 minutes to get dressed, throw my books together, pack a lunch, and be out the door. Where I settle myself on campus, pull out my breakfast, and then accidentally knock the open container off the table (turns out raspberries are very squishable and tricky to remove from chairs and carpet). Where I look in the bathroom mirror and realize my late night of studying for that day’s midterm has resulted in a stress pimple smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Yep those are the days I wish I had my own t.v. show.

Matt – Depends on what kind of show. I would love to do sports journalism at some point in my life. (Wow. Jock. Sigh.) As far as a reality show, I would tack myself on to Ashley’s. Make a spinoff. Jersey Shore fans, get ready. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. <fist pump>

8. How do you remind yourself to do things?

Ash – Often and frequently. That can be in a planner, on an iPhone app, or simply written on my hand.

Matt – I usually write homework in a planner. Work related stuff goes on the BlackBerry calendar. Birthdays the same. And when the truck stops moving, it’s time to get gas. Oh jeez. That reminds me…

9. Do you turn the water on before or after you get into the shower?

Ash – Always before I get in the shower. I try to avoid that sudden spray of unexpectedly cold water. Although this method wasn’t very helpful when I lived in the college dorms. Community showers are the worst (or was that just my experience?). You’d go from scalding to freezing or vice versa in 0.1 seconds flat, and that was mid-shower…. several times…. on a good day.

Matt – Uhhh, after you get in. Who has the presence of mind to go in to the bathroom, turn on the water, get ready for the shower and THEN get in. Why can’t you just GET IN and take the shower all at once?  Also, I am VERY environmentally conscientious. Did you know that running the shower for that extra minute kills 5 puppies? It’s true. Look it up.

10. What’s the deal with Twitter?

Ash – Honestly I don’t know. I already spend way too much time on facebook, e-mail, and the blog. I’ve done my best to not give in to the whole Twitter craze.

Matt – It’s great…. for people who constantly need to express what they are thinking at that very moment… like me. I do have an account, I love it. It serves as a forum where I can spew all my nothingness out and know that I’m not annoying anybody who doesn’t want to be annoyed. Plus Twitter is where I get all of my news, sports, severe weather, entertainment news, and the heads up on what is happening in the world of footwear (yes, I follow multiple shoe companies). IF YOU DARE (not necessarily safe for your brain) you can follow me, but I can’t promise anything good will come of it. ProfProphet713

Have a great Texas Tuesday everyone (if you’re in Texas or nearby, try not to melt out there), and please send in more questions. It really doesn’t have to be all 10, but the supplies are starting to run a little low. Por favor?

PS: Today’s questions were from Road to Anywhere. Go check her out. Thanks Jessica!

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  1. June 22, 2010 10:27 am

    So you both like two songs that I always sing really really loudly when I hear them on the radio =)

    And Ash- I’ve been in both places (single/in a relationship) when my friends were opposite me and it is really hard but the true friends will be there no matter what. After my post last week about being single when all my friends are married (literally, only two are single and one of those gals is nearly engaged), I’ve felt better. I’ve made some more plans with my single friends and have let my married friends know how I feel. i don’t think they had any idea they were doing what they were doing! So maybe mentioning how you feel to them might help, who knows!?

    Matt- no idea you were on twitter. I love following new people 🙂

  2. Flo permalink
    June 22, 2010 9:34 pm

    Love the new Tuesday sign. Where did u find it? So perfect. Time After Time (Tuck and Patti version) – wonderful song, especIally when Ash is in the car! Greener and greener… Priceless. Nice to hear from you Matt – back to work with u.

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