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Matt and Ashley Day

June 28, 2010

Ash –

Good morning everyone. Yikes. How is it already Monday again? Why does the weekend always go so quickly? Then again I spent a majority of the weekend studying. Or at the very least watched Matt study while I re-did my nails. Only one more week of summer school!

Except for Saturday. I mentioned on Friday that we were going to Austin. My friend Chisom wouldn’t be in town, and Matt’s aunt couldn’t have us around too long considering her low iron levels and upcoming surgery. Instead we decided to convert Saturday into Matt and Ashley Day. An event that occurs maybe once a month (unless it’s a particularly busy school month). Matt and I come up with several things we’d like to do and see how much we can squeeze into one day.

Austin thankfully offers several options: Hey Cupcake, Amy’s ice cream, Whole Foods, shopping on Congress, the Alamo Drafthouse, that state capitol, the Austin Museum of Art, and the thousand and one other things I’m sure you can find on Google.

Not half bad!

After mentioning how badly my pumpkin protein smoothie turned out, I had to buy some vanilla protein powder Friday night (yeah that’s how ashamed I was). And yes ladies and gentlemen, the proper protein powder does make all the difference. We made a couple to go before Austin, and they were DELICIOUS. Check out Friday’s link and give this drink a try. A great cool treat for any summer day.

Anywho we were off in the early afternoon. The day was beautiful, and I finally figured out how to work the map application on my iPhone (lets not judge just because I’ve owned the phone for nearly a year…. it’s a complicated application). On the drive over, Matt and I decided we really wanted to give the Alamo Drafthouse a chance. We’d never been, but everyone raves about how it’ll completely change your movie going experience.

Doesn't look like anything special...

The outside was just like any other ol’ theater. But the inside might be compared a club lobby – sofas, a bar, a television (playing what else but the World Cup), and a couple of tables. The only movie playing soon was The Karate Kid but not for another hour so I curled up on the couch with the Go-Between while Matt watched the game. Of course we had to grab some chips and queso (the breakfast smoothie was delicious but I was starving by that time).

If you’ve never been to an Alamo Drafthouse before, the way it works is you go in around half an hour before the movie starts. They play interviews about the upcoming movie, informational clips (like old movie clips of Jack Chan), and so on while you look through their menu. Matt chose a burger while I got a Greek salad.

The movie setup. You place a little white card with your order in the card stands on the table. A waiter will then bring you your food. Not a bad deal 🙂

Overall assessment: The movie wasn’t bad but can anything really top the original? The queso was awesome, but the salad was just okay. Still makes for a great date though. Turns out there is an Alamo Drafthouse in Houston too, but I think we might just save this place for our Austin trips. Makes it a little more special that way.

Then we headed off to briefly visit Matt’s family. Cuddled a poodle or two. Ooh’d and aah’d over his fourteen year old cousin’s new pink hair streaks (I think I’d be willing to try that if medical school interviews were a little more open to that kind of thing… which they aren’t. I can’t tell you how many kids have already had to change their hairstyles now that we’re applying. All the guys with mohawks seemed kind of depressed). Basically everyone was good so we headed to our last stop of the day: Whole Foods.

For those of you who are Whole Foods fans, you might already be aware that Whole Foods began in Austin. So it figures their main location in Austin would be so amazingly awesome. I think Matt’s favorite part is they have one of those moving sidewalks going from the underground garage to the store (as means of bringing your grocery carts back downstairs). Favorite buy of the day? Really how can you choose? Maybe the peanut butter bread? The individual size containers of hummus that are going to make a great addition to my lunches this week? The always crisp “pink lady” apples? Or maybe the grapes that have barely survived the 24 hours since we bought them?

It’s love I tell you! Sadly another Matt and Ashley Day had to come to an end. So we grabbed a Whole Foods dinner for the road (shrimp sushi and a chocolate cake/mousse parfait to split – Matt got me with his “LOOK it’s whole grain… it’s practically healthy!”).

I think my favorite part of the drive home was when we passed a building called “the Domain.”

Matt: Can I make my Domain joke?

Ash: Uhhhh. Sure?

Matt: *suspenseful pause* Where’s the range?!?!

Ash: Huh? I don’t get it.

Matt: You know. Like in pre-Algebra. Domain and range!

Ash: Wow. Please don’t ever make that joke again.

so excited to taste this

Plus look at what I made myself for breakfast this morning (well I made it ahead of time because I’m not always functional first thing in the morning). It’s yet another parfait. Only this time with a little vanilla granola, plenty of fresh blueberries (they’re kind of hidden in the picture), plain Greek yogurt, and a frozen blend of strawberries and raspberries. Yum! Whole Foods I miss you when I’m in Waco. But only one more week of summer school to go! Lets do this.

(PS: The new “About Us!” is finally up. Make sure to check it out and lets us know what you think. Also don’t forget tomorrow is Texas Tuesday, and we’d always love to get questions from y’all.)

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  1. June 28, 2010 10:34 am

    Wow, what a fun movie house that looks to be. I’m kind of jealous! We do have a cool theater here in town called the Moolah which has club chairs, couches, ottomans and etc as the actual seats if you get there early enough, a full bar and etc, so it’s a lot of fun, but super packed always. No food, though. I’d be THRILLED if I could have queso with a movie. Seriously. I live for queso of any kind.

  2. Judi Brenstein permalink
    June 28, 2010 10:37 am

    So how was the parfait this morning?

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