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7 Quick Takes (18)

July 9, 2010

Matt –

Happy Friday! I can’t believe we are already almost halfway through July. Summer is….gulp….half over?!?!? No matter. The next month should make up for summer school. Ash is off galavanting around Houston trying to get her passport renewed before the price is jacked up again, so it looks like you’re stuck with me.

1) Last night was the moment that all sports fans were waiting happened. We just didn’t know that it would take place through an hour long, over-hyped, over-advertised, frankly boring hour special on a hijacked sports channel. ESPN cut an hour out of their broadcast to show an hour long display of egotism from the one and only LeBron James. They poured over how good of a player he is, was, and could be. I laughed for most of it. How much more rediculous can it get? I rip on him only because he could have done it much quieter and had the same future. This didn’t help him or the LeBron brand. I will say, in all fairness, the revenue generated from the advertisements was donated to the Boys and Girls Club charity. Will I cheer for LeBron in Miami? Probably not.

LeBron James joins Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

2) Who knew that this summer would be “the one where Matt and Ashley go to Las Vegas TWICE?” Yup. That’s right. Here towards the end of July Ash and myself will be traveling up to Vegas to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. Exciting! And then before school starts, Ashley’s mom has been gracious enough to fly us up to experience Vegas again!!! I can’t really comprehend. Going to a city I’ve been wanting to go to, TWICE? Thank you!!!

3) You guys have heard me talk about So You Think You Can Dance before. I won’t go into my deepest feelings about the show, but I will say it could be put together slightly better. Also,  the Billy guy needs to go. Not only does he try to show off and over do some of the dances, he smiles when a rival dancer gets injured and then voted off because he can’t compete. Seriously. I got the lowdown from Ash last night as she was watching the results. I’m usually a very competitive person, but one thing I HATE is to see one of my competitors not be able to compete at the highest level (or at all). It takes away from my credibility if I can’t beat them at their best. Billy is a coward and I hope they create a new kind of vote: negative votes. And I hope he gets many.

4) I love Ashley. I really really do. But the girl really knows how to hurt me. We are both huge ice cream fans. We know this about each other. We secretly like to feed each other’s addiction. One of our favorite places is Amy’s in Austin. Great stuff. Anyone who’s been there knows how awesome it is. It’s really depressing though, because the only location is in Austin. OR SO I THOUGHT. Apparently there is a HOUSTON location too. Who knew about this location for nearly a YEAR and didn’t tell me? We’ll see how long it takes me to tell her we’ve purchased a dog.


5) Speaking of dogs, we found it. “It” being Ashley’s dream dog. (That’s right Hershey, Buddy, and Pepper. I said it. She’s trying to replace you!) We went and visited a florist for the wedding, walked in the shop and we were greeted by the owner…and the other owner. Zak.

All together now, "awwwwwww".

I can’t really deny it. Zak was awesome. Good looking dog, not too terribly small, smart, well trained, and not overly yappy. I agreed to concede to a small dog as long as I passed on it. I would pass on Zak.

6) DoubleShot of Texas has its first winner!!! Aly from London wrote to us about an aquaintance who reached out to her, even though it may have been awkward.

Before I moved to London, I was alone for six months: the boy had already flown over here on an early work contract, and I was sticking it out in my teaching job by myself and really feeling awful about it. We’d never done long distance before and I was already nervous about packing up and moving to another country, and I think with all those things combined, I really turned into a bit of a recluse. I went to work, I came home from work. I didn’t really go out, at all. Nothing interested me. Nothing. (I basically was a sucky person to be around.)A friend of mine changed all that for me. At the time, we were more of acquaintances: not good friends, we barely saw each other and would mainly talk online. This friend noticed that I wasn’t my normal self and was worried – but of course, every time she mentioned how I was, I brushed it off and avoided the question. This continued for a few weeks – until one day, I got home from school and she was waiting at the door. Now we didn’t live close by (around an hour’s drive apart) and she didn’t even know if I was going to be home, but she chanced it and waited. And when she saw me, she bundled me into her car, drove to a coffee shop and made me spill – and that was all it took. From then on, she saw to it that I was busy and happy. She planned events for us, she picked me up out of my sadness and was the extra push I needed to get through the days. And because of that, I survived my six months alone – and she became my closest friend. (Still are-even thousands of miles apart!)

So it may not be as life changing as giving food (though I love that story!) – but she gave me hope and friendship when I needed it most, and I’m thankful for that every single day!

Thanks Aly! We will be shooting you that gift card ASAP!

7) This Friday should be a stellar one. I get to go goof off around Sugar Land, then go workout a bit, then head to a new Italian restaraunt! Nick’s in Sugar Land is where I will be dining with a couple of Ash’s family friends. Should be a blast!

What are you guys doing this weekend? It better involve asking us some questions for Tuesday….have a blast!

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  1. July 9, 2010 11:42 am

    Squee! I just saw your email and got SUPER excited – woohoo!

    What breed of dog is that? Cute but looks kind of floofy.

    I love Vegas! I know you’ll enjoy it – it’s like a whole other world there. 😀

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