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Texas Tuesday (19)

July 13, 2010

Matt –

I feel kinda bad. Yesterday’s post was…harsh on the Twilight movies. Then again, some of my friends were saying I wasn’t harsh enough. I now decalare my neutrality on the whole issue. They are neither bad nor good movies. They are simply movies. That being said, I think I saw some Twilight related questions today. Interesting…

1. If not a vampire or a werewolf, what would you choose as an alter ego / animalistic personality for yourself? For your fiance?

My animalistic personality? I mean, I’m pretty beastly already (nyuck nyuck). Well my personality is pretty laid back, pretty hard to anger. My initial thought was a dog. But I wanted something a little more wild.

Squirrel? No. Too hyper.

Duck? Not able to really protect itself. Also, dumb as a rock.

I think a bear fits best. Most of the time when they are featured in some gruesome bear attack story, it’s only because they were hungry. I can’t think of  anything more accurate.

2. If I could “Change the World” – I love that song also, Matt – how would you change the world? Not your corner of the world but THE world?

Man this is such a hard question. I really feel for those Ms. America girls. How do you answer the most important question in the world? I would probably eliminate all negative preconceptions of people…”those people are lazy”, “those people are rich and stuck up”, “those people hate my people” etc. Actually, I would eliminate the concept of “those people” and have everyone be “my people”. Too much energy is wasted on creating these groups which are essentially high school “cliques”. All that emotional energy can be used for such greater uses. A real shame. I’m not in anyway saying I’m perfect. I still suffer from it, but I like to think I’m getting better at taking people for what they are worth, not what they might be worth measured by society’s stereotypes.

3.Through each phase of life I believe you collect parts of who you are and will continue to be. Other parts drop away and leave you with a scrapbook of sorts that you can page through and identify when, where and from whom in your life you collected each part. What parts of who you are today do you hope to carry through for the rest of your life?

Most profound question. Wowzers. At this point in my life (and especially as a teacher) I’m not cynical…yet. I’ve seen so many times as a student, where teachers and professors have “made up their mind” about a certain group of students or the way they teach. “This” is right, “that” is wrong, “those students” won’t EVER change, we can only get by. I hate that attitude. Overall, I want to be able to take a situation and look at it with an unbiased mindset.

4. Is there anything new you would like to add to your scrapbook, if given the chance?

I want to put the “gentle” back in “gentleman”. The ability to physically intimidate students or people is quickly becoming overrated (even though many will still use this technique). Some teachers or parents will yell and scream. I want to be the teacher/parent/leader who doesn’t yell or scream or threaten, but rather who can easily just persuade and teach with my presence. When players would practice poorly or show up unfocused, John Wooden would simply walk out of the practice. Often, players would hate this more than any number of laps or pushups. They wanted Coach Wooden to be proud of their efforts. I want to have this effect, but more importantly, Coach Wooden’s demeanor.

5. How do you like your Whataburger/Five Guys burger?

Great. Now I’m hungry. I will compare very similar burgers between the two.

Whataburger – The Chophouse burger is pretty sweet. Whataburger’s strengths are that they can totally sell me on their hamburger buns. Outstanding. Also, their steak sauce is, for my hardcore How I Met Your Mother fans, steak sauce.

Five Guys – This place, I think, wins out overall. Their ingredients are always the freshest. Lettuce is always crispy, hamburger is always piping hot and fresh off the grill, onions are fresh and nicely cooked. BBQ sauce is stellar as well. Also, it’s only like a $5 burger? Whataburger is around $6 I think.

6. What kind of shirt would you buy Jacob? I’m thinking something larger than he needs and bland looking, maybe a grey.

I have a few in mind.

I think this is my first choice.

Size XXXL. Maybe with a down jacket over the top.

7. If you couldn’t have a dog as a pet, what pet would you choose instead?

If I couldn’t have a dog, I would probably buy something that actually realizes I’m its caretaker. No. Not a cat. They don’t think jack squat about us humans. We are only here to feed them at their will. No, something more appreciative. If I had the room, a horse. I’m not a horse enthusiast by any means, but they are definitely animals I respect.

8. Since we know you aren’t a big fan of Eclipse, please tell us what summer movie you are looking forward to seeing next?

I have a few. The Last Airbender was up there, but I’ve heard atrocious things from EVERYONE I talk to who’s seen it. The next best thing I think is Despicable Me. Looks decently funny.

9. Do you have any scars? Are there any good stories behind them?

I have a couple…not nearly enought to be rendered a tough guy. I have three on my left knee from the great Tricyle Accident of ’92…or ’93. You’d have to check with The Nana on that one. I ate it as I drove into a pothole in the street. I’ve also done battle with the toaster over a couple of times. I have one that runs across my forearm for about 2 inches from that. I also have around 7 on my hands and wrists from people WHO REFUSE TO CUT THEIR FINGERNAILS BEFORE PLAYING PICK UP BASKETBALL. You know who you are.

10. What was your favorite childhood game (does not have to be limited to board games)?

I was a big nerd, so I video-gamed a lot. HOWEVER, I used to own a set of lasertag guns and chestplates. We would run all over the neighborhood, blasting away at anything that moved. Who cares if they had a chestplate on or not? They were targets, and we made up points. Rarely did we actually shoot anyone who was actually playing. Rarely did we care.

Good questions this week! Keep ’em coming! The earlier you submit, the better chance they make it on.

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  1. July 13, 2010 10:15 am

    You’re a duck. End of story.

    You absolutely MUST GO SEE Despicable Me. It’s easily one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. And it’s adorable. My recommendation though is to go at night when all the kids are home in bed. There’s a lot of stuff in there that you’ll catch that they won’t so you don’t feel weird about laughing at it. I saw the midnight premiere and then a 2:30 matinee so trust me on this one.

    I have a question for y’all… how come you don’t use Chelsea’s questions?

  2. Flo permalink
    July 14, 2010 8:49 am

    Thank you, Matt – you have restored my faith and hope for the world we live in… you will make a splendid teacher and coach, I look forward to knowing “that guy.”

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