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Texas Tuesday (20)

July 20, 2010

Ash –

Good morning everyone. Notice that today’s blog isn’t coming to you late in the evening (gives Matt a look). Also notice our brand new Texas Tuesday logo (thank you technologically advanced mother). Personally I’m just glad that it’s Tuesday instead of Monday morning. Monday’s are not happy days to begin with, but yesterday I had to get an allergy test done. Meaning they prick your back with 80 different substances and wait 20 minutes to see which ones you react to. Ouch. Even better, they wanted to be certain about some of them so they gave me 32 shots in the arms. Itchy. Very very itchy. Anyway enjoy today’s questions from Craving Cupcakes. Thanks Angela!

1. What’s your must-have summer item?

Matt – I could easily say the stereotypical survey things. iPod, laptop, car, etc. But I think my must-have summer item is my set of golf clubs. During the school year, I’m always way too busy to play. But when May rolls around (or in this case, July), I really do everything I can to play as much as possible. I really can’t think of anything that is more relaxing than being outdoors with the quiet and the water and the nature. I sound like a hippie, but it is an amazing time.

This isn't Photoshopped. This is Doral Golf Resort in Florida. In my top 3 golf courses (that I want to play).

Ash – My new flip flops. Throughout high school I had a favorite pair from Old Navy. They were colorful and fun. Until my sister stepped on the back of them while I was lifting my foot. Rippppppppp. I’m still not completely over it. Instead I bought a standard rubber pair from Victoria Secret after a couple of fail flip flop replacements. Fast forward to present day. Still cute but the pattern has almost completely worn off. Mom had to exchange a pair of shoes at Dillard’s when I found an adorable leather pair (also on sale!). Mom said the magic words, “I’ll buy them for you,” and they’ve had my heart ever since.

Flips flops are black and tan. Super comfortable. Notice sunglasses. They run a close second for summer must have.

2. What’s your favorite summer TV show?

Ash – I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance. Despite being a giant (actually only 5’9″ but she has good posture and is always wearing heels), Cat Deeley is precious. She’s like the kindergarten teacher that all the dancers love. I miss Mary Murphy though. Nigel Lythgoe was more of a character with her. And I’m crossing my fingers that Billy gets voted off soon. Two weeks of contestants leaving due to injuries. Two weeks of him smiling while everyone else looks somber or is crying. Karma my friend.

Matt – With more time on my hands, I like to delve a little deeper into SportsCenter, but that has nothing to do with summer itself. My favorite summer specific show that I actually watch regularly, would ALSO be SYTYCD. The hip-hop routines are usually pretty good, and contemporary is… sigh… starting to grow on me. I hate Mary Murphy. With a passion.

3. You just found out that you have guests coming over for dinner in 2 hours. What do you feed them? (Dinner and dessert)

Matt – Depends. If the people coming over are like me, they have no aversion to meat. So, if everything is like it should be, I have a mass of steaks in the freezer. Quick thaw those. Dry rub them in something yummy (depends on the mood) and throw ’em in a pan or on the grill. In a seperate skillet, chop up some potatoes, add some onions and just cook the mess out of it. Add some veggies (or Ash will have my head) and you have a true Texas meal.

Ash – I don’t think this situation has ever happened to me. Something to look forward to in the married years? My easy fix would probably be some kind of pasta. Maybe with meat. Maybe not (what’s currently in my fridge?). Marinara or pesto sauce. One or two types of veggies, such as zucchini and/or mushrooms. Maybe wine if I have any. And for dessert…. ice cream and/or cherry pocket pies? The cherry pocket pies were one of our great discoveries at William Sonoma and really are just individual sized pies (you can exchange cherries for any other fruit). The best part is you can make a bunch, put them in the freezer, and they last forever.

Last Summer. Funny enough the only picture I could find from this day where you can actually see the pies.

4. Do you still watch cartoons?

Matt – ChhYEAH I do. Not nearly as much as I used to, but it’s not my fault. The cartoons that are made nowadays are just weird. The last recent cartoon that I can tolerate is Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. All the others are really demented or not funny or just crude. You will NEVER be able to beat Looney Tunes.

Ash – Not on a regular basis but sure. Cartoon movies count, right? Because Disney, Pixar, and I are still very good friends. For that matter, Matt is begging me to go see Despicable Me.

But television cartoons? Not as much. Unless I’m babysitting.Overall I think yesterday’s cartoons were more clever than some of today’s stuff (although we definitely had a few dumb ones as kids – Ren and Stimpy? Aah Real Monsters?). And they come no where near to the classics (Flinstones, Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo, etc).

5. Do you know your neighbors? (If so, are you friends with them?)

Matt – My neighbors here in Houston are really cool. The next door neighbor on the right is the pitching coach for the Rice Owls baseball team. The neighbor on the left is an ornery old guy who likes to hassle my brother for being silly. Both really nice though. Grew up playing football in the yard or basketball in the street with the next door neighbor kid.

Ash – At my apartment, not really. Most of the neighbors are busy blasting their music 80% of the time or running to their classes (the majority of people who live there are in college). But better than my old neighbors who used to drink and leave beer bottles and all sorts of other trash around our building. At home, of course. My sister babysits the kids next door (as have I whenever she can’t). I’d definitely call our families friends considering they’re coming to the wedding. Our other neighbors spend most of the year in China.

6. How long is your commute to work? (Or school, if you don’t work)

Matt – From my house to Ashley’s is about 30 minutes. At Baylor, its usually just a walk from class. For Dell, its about… nothing.

Ash – Working as an intern for the summer. But the commute is essentially walking downstairs. At school, the commute is five minutes to Baylor if I drive (it’d be even shorter without the few stoplights and pesky students walking all over the place). But more like ten if I catch the trolley (it has to stop at another apartment along the way).

7. How many times have you moved in your life?

Matt – My family lived in one house until I was about 2. At that point we moved to a nearby neighborhood with a park right across the street from our new house. It was awesome. We even had a hot air balloon (from the annual festival that Johnson Space Center holds every year) land in our cul-de-sac! When I was 10 though, it was time to move. The traffic in the area had just bogged EVERYTHING down, making the trip from dad’s new office on the other side of town unpractical. We then moved to Pearland, where we’ve been since!

Ash – To different states? Once. I was born in California and moved to Texas when I was three. Within Texas? A couples times I suppose. We lived in an apartment in Houston before finding a home in good ol’ Sugar Land (before you ask, I promise it’s a real place and not some kids game – in fact, the band Sugarland is named after us). And then when my parents got divorced there was another moving process. Still live in Sugar Land. Actually still in the same neighborhood just different subdivision. Plus I guess you could count the move to college. Which includes the move into the dorms, out of the dorms, and then into my apartment. Thank goodness for family crews!

8. What’s your favorite coffee shop type drink?

Matt – I drink all kinds, I try new ones. But the common denominator is hazlenut iced coffee. Not too much syrup though. We don’t want it too sweet, just slightly flavored.

Ash – Something cold. Unless it’s winter. Then maybe hot. But even then I might choose something cold. Iced coffee. Light fraps. All good options. Usually I go for something with a little chocolate in it. That or cinnamon or hazelnut.

The favorite coffee shop at Baylor.


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  1. July 20, 2010 7:38 pm

    I’ll be over for dinner in two hours 🙂 (kidding. Kind of. )

    i’m with you Ash, a perfect pair of flip flops is essential to the summer, as well as a must-have summer dress of some kind too!

  2. July 20, 2010 8:53 pm

    I loved reading your answers, thanks for posting them 🙂

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