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Working Hard?

July 29, 2010

Matt –

I get worried that you all might be getting the impression we don’t do any work. I mean, it’s understandable considering all we blog about is our highly entertaining escapades into Downtown, our picture safaris, and nice dinners out. But our lives are way more tedious than that. We do real work. We help our community. But we don’t want any praise.

To give you an in depth look at our working lives, I will give you a couple of examples from the last week of how we really put our nose to the grindstone.

On Sunday morning, Ashley and I woke up at the crack of dawn. We packed all of our survival equipment, and headed out. Where to? We set out towards Galveston Island to meet up with our colleagues and to make sure our beaches stayed clean and oil-free. The mission, in the end, was a success, but it was a long road.

Our first obstacle was moving all of the survival equipment to the beach site. We mistakenly consolidated all of our beverages and rations into one cooler, which lead to some…interesting methods of carrying it. After we set up onsite, we unpacked our observation equipment (2 beach surveilance chairs? Check. Specially formulated UV-protection lather? Check. This is high-tech stuff people.)

We set up, then ventured out into the water to check its status. Cool to the touch. Interesting. We waded (or in some cases sprinting with the purpose to splash) out further. We needed a better look.

Ok I can’t keep it up any longer. We blew off the entire day to go soak up some sun at the beach. We DO work hard. We really do. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to go play in the sand. Waves were breaking nicely (even got a chance to boogie board for the first time), we ate snacks, played Tailgate Golf, and walked the beach.

Both slightly burned and exhausted, we headed home for a week of hard work.

We made it until Tuesday.

Tuesday was “Let’s go buy the birthday girl’s gift and accidentally run into the best sales of the year along the way”…Day. Seriously. A shirt for $3. Another shirt for $6. Two bags for Ashley for about $3 a piece. Good bags. I’m a sucker for cheap. Actually, I’m just cheap.

Wednesday we worked all day, but then drove up to Westheimer to see an officiant we might use. This means, naturally, House of Pies. The omlette that we normally get was outstanding as usual. The lemon icebox piece of pie we split? Didn’t last long enough to be photographed.

It’s been a busy week, but a productive one. We actually had our first dance lesson today, which you will hear more about tomorrow. But at the moment, I have work to do. Gotta’ pack for Vegas

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  1. July 29, 2010 10:45 pm

    Everyone deserves the fun “work” days, especially ones that involve in a beach.
    Hope you enjoy Vegas! I’m sure it will be a good time =)

    Where was this fabulous sale that you speak of!? Wondering if they have one up here in StL!

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