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7 Quick Takes (21)

July 30, 2010

Matt –

You guys are really getting an overdose of the male portion of Double Shot. Ash wanted to write today, she did. But she is all kinds of busy trying to get ready to catch our flight to Vegas. Here are some things that we didn’t get a chance to blog about this week:

1. Oh my goodness this is exciting. YOU should be excited. I’m DEFINITELY excited. It’s time to announce the winner of our first real giveaway. (Our first one wasn’t really executed the best. I’ll take the personal blame on that one, Ash.) But all that aside, we had a much better turnout with entries this time (props to everyone who entered, double props to those who gained multiple entries!) Ashley and I plugged all of the names into a random name generator and it selected a winner for us. And finally….the winner of a $25 Starbucks gift card…the individual who doesn’t even like coffee (but will put it to good use for the cream drinks)….


 Congratulations Nora from! Please shoot us an email with your information. We hope you enjoy it! For those of you who didn’t win this time, we have prizes just WAITING to be given away!

2. We go from a subject that is very happy and full of smiles, to a very very sad one. My friend has slipped into the depths. I wish I could’ve seen it coming, I would have done something to prevent it. But he’s gone. My friend…my best friend since 5th grade….likes Jersey Shore.

He really, really likes Jersey Shore. Pauly D, Robbie, Snookie….and of course, “The Situation” (PEOPLE WHO KNOW HIM ACTUALLY CALL HIM THIS….I think people would call me “The Awkward Situation”). Guys, he even had a get together to watch the season 2 premiere. I went. I felt I had to support him through his hard times. Maybe if he sees that I support him, he’ll turn to us and not to the over spray-tanned goofballs on MTV. I must admit though, I slightly helped his problem. I bought him a shirt I found (it was only $3! I couldn’t help myself) at American Eagle…


 It came included with a fist pump and everything. But seriously, maybe I’ll try and get him hooked on Shark Week or something.

3. Very exciting news from the wedding area of our lives, we took our first dance lessons! We signed up at this little studio right by Ashley’s house, Fred Astaire Studio (guys it took me literally 7 minutes to type that sentence, I couldn’t get through “Astaire” at first, then I couldn’t figure out why “studEo” looked wrong…my fault for blogging so early in the morning). It was awesome though. Way more fun then I thought it would have been. We learned a little bit of waltz, a little foxtrot, and a little salsa. My favorite? The foxtrot for sure. Fast paced, multi-directional, complicated and interesting. I like.

4. We aren’t hugely proud people here at DoubleShot, but we DO get proud about good purchases we make. Like, really proud. We hit up the relatively new outdoor mall to pick up a gift for the Vegas birthday girl, but it turned into a free-for-all. We got Ash some plane reading material for cheap at Barnes & Noble, we got a couple of $3…tote? bags at Victoria Secret (Ashley is very excited about this), a couple of $5 shirts at American Eagle (one for me, one for Ash) and a $3 shirt there as well (see above). Some board shorts from Pac Sun (extremely AWESOME board shorts) for myself, but not necessarily on sale (still a good buy though!) and some knick knacks from Hot Topic for a couple of bucks a piece. Too awesome. We are shopping forces of nature.

5. Just a time out from reading and….this.


It hurts me that Snoop has dropped to this level. RIP his career.

6. I’m not sure how many other people in Houston have this problem, but my neighborhood has weekly power outages. Seriously. Almost every single week we get cut off for about 2-3 hours. Makes dinner and other activities….interesting. I can safely say I want no part of another candlelight dinner with my father. Or any other part of my family. Sorry family. Just…uhhh….no.

7. WE’RE ALMOST THERE! I can’t believe it, but our flight leaves in just mere hours. Vegas has always been a place I’ve really wanted to go, and I’m going! We will take plenty of pictures to document our time in the right way. Any suggestions? Please let us know. I will get the emails from your comments on my phone, so let’er rip! And who knows, we might bring back a souvenir for a lucky reader as a giveaway.

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  1. July 30, 2010 9:48 am

    I won! I won! Eeek! Excited. I promise to treat someone that loves coffee to coffee with this gift card as well enjoy a huge helping of the cream drinks which really, you guys should try them if you haven’t! It’s like a milkshake on steroids 🙂

    And Jersey Shore!? Ick, uck, yuck. I do not like. I guess cause I’m Italian and I don’t like the way they portray our heritage. We don’t all GTL. And what (who?) is “the situation??” I’ve never watched it but all I hear is bad, bad things. Anyway. End rant.

    Hope you have a great time in Vegas! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!

  2. July 30, 2010 10:32 am

    Well, I may be biased but I loved the first competition. 🙂 🙂

    Jase and I desperately need dance lessons (we both have two left feet…) but he’s really nervous about going. Maybe making him read this post will have him feel better.

    Have a super time in Vegas!


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