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7 Quick Takes (22)

August 7, 2010


1. I can’t imagine being a newspaper or magazine writer. Writing for a deadline seems too stressful for me! Right now I’m typing at a feverish pace to get this out before Ash and I go out on a double date with some good friends. Lindsay just moved into a new apartment, so we thought we’d go over and see it and then go have breakfast for dinner at a spot really close to her new pad. (What constitutes a pad? Do you have to be British? Do you have to be a bachelor? Help me out here.) After that, we’re taking it back to the middle school days and hitting the bowling alley. Rumor has it that her boyfriend bowls with his family as a habit. We’ll see…oh…we’ll see.

I'm much better on the Wii.

2. Ok Dallas people, let’s hammer this out. You keep talking about how much more awesome D-Town is than Houston. I respect city pride, I really do. But Dallas kinda is….meh. It doesn’t seem any more awesome than any other city. A ton of traffic, bad drivers, extremely hot, busy and congested airport, etc. The Denny’s we ate in didn’t even have working AC. So here, my Dallas friends, defend your city. Comment and make your case. I still maintain that Houston is better (from a totally objective point of view). Houston readers, chime in as well. Those who don’t live in either city? Make your case for your favorite. Could there be a reward for the best comments? Who knows.

3. I haven’t mentioned him that often here before, but my brother Michael is a pretty awesome kid. One of the hardest workers I know, he’s trying to get into a really awesome school on the north side of Houston. Michael has attended even more schools than I have, but since he advances so quickly, he has to move to another one that can give him what he needs! For kids who learn a different way and at a different pace, Michael is tearing it up. At the moment, we have a parent interview at the new school so please pray for us. Of anybody I know, he deserves to be in a place where he can have a truly awesome high school experience.

4. I’m making a dent in our 101 in 1001! Ashley finally browbeat me into reading Hunger Games. I was hooked about 15 pages in. Incredible. No matter how old you are, you need to read this book. I’m currently about 30 pages into the sequel, Catching Fire and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Suzanne Collins has really earned my respect. Rumor has it, and I REALLY hope they’re true, that there will be a movie made from Hunger Games. <fingers crossed>

5. This past Wednesday Ash and I drove up to the wedding venue for our menu tasting. My parents were free so they were kind enough to join us. (It will be painful, but I will have to blog in the future about how much like my dad I am. Sighhhhhhh.) Ashley and I found a white zinfandel we are obsessed with (Forestville?) and really want at the bar for our big day. We also had fun with finger foods. One in particular was a “shrimp shooter”. A cocktail shrimp, stacked on a small piece of bruschetta, balanced on a shot glass of cocktail sauce. Bite the shrimp, bite the bread, sip the sauce. Too similar to a tequila shot right? The best part, without a doubt, was watching some people trying in vain to dip the bread and shrimp into the sauce. Hours de ouvres fail.

6. Ashley is trying to kill me, little by little. She rigged a booby trap in her pool the other day. I was innocently walking around and stepped on the plastic grate. As it turns out, she weakend the structural integrity of the plastic so it would cave under my extremely lean, yet massive body weight. It worked perfectly, leaving a small piece of plastic on the side of the grate to slice open my toe. I survived, barely. I lost no a ton of blood and had to stagger back to the house to get a band-aid a large piece of gauze to stop the bleeding. But that’s not all. When I got home, I found she had rigged the bottom of my desk to slice open THE EXACT SAME TOE but on the top. I’m a trooper, but I just need somebody to kiss it and make it all better.

7. God bless the man who invented Buc-ees. The gas station and convenience store chain is by far my favorite. I’m not sure if I’ve written about it before, but it deserves another quick take. On the way to Dallas, we encountered the biggest Buc-ees yet. At least 3 times as big as your regular gas-station, and about 10 times as nice and clean. What other gas station has a fudge bar? Or a backpack made from its adorable mascot? Or 5 rows of chips? Or a coffee station that….well its an awesome coffee station. If you live in Texas and haven’t been, shame on you. Bring me back some Beaver nuggets and beef jerkey.

A billboard advertising Buc-ees says "My Overbite is Sexy". Win.

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  1. Hansen permalink
    August 7, 2010 3:38 pm

    I’ll use the same argument to protect Dallas as I use to protect baseball players’ statistics: small sample size.

    Bad traffic? You went out to eat during rush hour and tried going through 3+ highways. Exiting from one highway to another is always going to be a pain, no matter what big city. Bad drivers, true. Hot…. you’re in a city in Texas during the summer. Anywhere in Texas, it’s going to be hot.

    If you went through DFW Airport, you went through the 3rd busiest airport in the world and has 100,000 more total takeoffs & landings than George Bush Intercontinental each year. It’s gonna be busy. And Denny’s was your mistake. lol Denny’s.

    Try visiting Dallas when it’s not summer time. Airports traffic and temperatures aren’t as high.

  2. Hansen permalink
    August 7, 2010 3:39 pm

    Oh, and excuse me while I use my computer skills to boost up the vote for Dallas. 😀

  3. August 9, 2010 3:49 pm

    We don’t have a fancy gas station like the one you describe. Maybe someday I’ll road trip through Texas and find out what it’s all about.

    I’ve been to both Dallas & Houston and I liked both, but I’m obviously not from Texas so can’t really help you on that. I did enjoy the downtown area I was in in both cities and am still mad at myself for not buying the cute cowgirl boots in Dallas. Sigh.

    Hunger Games as a movie!? I figured someone would option it. It’s too good not too and clearly will make everyone involved a ton of money.

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