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Some Guys…

August 7, 2010

Matt –

So I realize that it’s been a week, but I never got to tell Matt’s side of the Vegas story. This makes for a sad Matt. Matt didn’t make the mistake of wearing heels, and he rarely does. Very rarely.

Vegas was overwhelming from the moment we got off the plane. First off, just the heat that we felt coming through the little crack between the plane door and the terminal was lung crushing.

“Oh, but Matt, it will be a dry heat”, said people back in Houston. These people are stupid and have never been to Nevada. Dry heat or no, 106 degrees Farenheit is still really freaking hot, especially when it is 102 in the shaded parking garage.

First thing we saw coming off the plane? Slot machines. I guess I should have prepared myself for this, but I hadn’t. This really is VEGAS. The place where people blow hundreds and thousands of dollars gambling. We got situated in our rooms and got ready to explore Sin City, amusement park for adults.

I mention Sin City for a reason. For those of you who aren’t aware, prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada. This isn’t true is Las Vegas….but advertising for it is a totally different story. What seems like hundreds of people line the street corners holding cards and pamphlets, slapping them on their wrists to make a large popping noise, and then offering them to you. It was culture shock at first, but “hooker cards” just ended up being funny.

I’ve traveled (with Ashley and her family) to New York City, walked in Manhattan, and took in the sheer size of the city. It was ginormous. It really was.

But for a few miles, Las Vegas has the edge on overwhelming. Lights, huge buildings, shiny things, sounds, cars, the heat….it all combines to be truly spectacular (except for the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign…its about the size of a McDonald’s sign on a shorter pole).

But the most spectacular? Ceasar’s Palace. A collection of what seemed like endless buildings all connected by casinos or gardens and nightclubs and theatres and restaurants and shopping malls and and and…we didn’t even have time to see all of it. ONE HOTEL! If anything embodies Vegas, its Ceaser’s. Truly mind boggling.

I'm not even sure if all of Ceasar's is included in the photo...

And it was in Ceasar’s that I got my first shot at real live Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And I will never play at the real tables any time soon. I am not good. Online poker is not the same as real life poker (as are most things duplicated online). Let’s move on from that.

The other truly spectacular thing I saw while in Vegas was the Bellagio fountains. Different songs synced perfectly with high powered fountains to create a visually stimulating aquatic display? My brain was firing on all cylinders trying to comprehend the engineering and the mathematics put into each of these performances (son of an engineer playing its role).

My friend Monet (the whole reason for us being there) is an absolute machine. I think if she was given free range, she could cover all of Vegas in one night. I think we barely hit half (if that) in two nights…and I was bushed.

As mentioned by one of the valet drivers in the movie Hangover, some guys just can’t handle Vegas. I’m probably one of them. But we should try again.

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  1. August 7, 2010 2:59 pm

    102 in the shade? Yikes! I don’t think I’ll ever be visiting Vegas in the summer time.

  2. August 9, 2010 3:55 pm

    It’s 110 in St. Louis today. come join us, it’s fun! (I bet you didn’t know we get that kind of heat, either =)).

    Vegas is not easy to cover. I’ve been four times now, once as a kid (snoozecity) and three times as an “Adult.” The first time I went I managed to go to 15 casinos (my friend’s idea) and the other two times was more of a party trip and OMG. That city is huge. And heels are death to women. As is the heat, unless you go in February in which case it’s lovely and pleasantly warm! Also, walking from The Luxor to The Venetian? Bad, bad idea. It’s a loong walk. Even in flats.

    And now I want to watch The Hangover.

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