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Texas Tuesday (23)

August 10, 2010

Matt –

Oh Tuesday. You resemble Monday so closely, it really isn’t nice. You just make us realize that we are two days in, three days out from the weekend. Farther away then close. Sad day. Sad, sad day. But answering these questions cheered me up 🙂

1. What do you associate with the following colors: Red, Blue, Orange?

Ash – I’ll just go with the first things that come to mind. Red –> The wedding. Our colors are champagne and a deep red. Blue –> My eyes. Physically speaking, one of the few things I really like about myself. Orange –> My mom. Her favorite color.

Matt – Red, I associate with fire. Or my skin, if exposed for more than 30 minutes to the sun. Blue reminds me of the sky. Don’t laugh. If the sky is blue outside, its much more likely my skin turns red. And finally, orange makes me think of burnt orange, which reminds me that UT is in our conference. Which then reminds me that Baylor beat UT 4 times in a row last basketball season. Which makes me happy.

2. How do you imagine the world will be different by the year 2020?

Matt – I imagine things being a lot more mobile. No more “laptops” or “desktops”, but rather small personal PC’s (not sure if we will go the tablet route). Textbooks in schools (or at least colleges) will be virtually impossible to find, replaced by Kindle-type or Nook-type devices that allow students to take notes and read the text at the same time. Video gaming will become an awkward combination of physical movement and occasional button pressing. There will either be more or less countries in the Middle East, but North Korea will still be there. I will have lost my wallet 1.5 times, and gone to the DMV twice.

Ash – Are you kidding? I’m still mentally trying to figure out how old I’ll be in 2020. So if I’m 21 now, and it’s 2010…. I should be 31 in 2020? Side note – favorite quote from one of my college professors who is also a doctor: “I was assured there’d be no math.” Anyway back to the question. Dear lord. I’m not ready to imagine how the world will be different. Or maybe we’ll just return back to the 90’s (the only other full decade I know). Beanie babies and fanny packs will be cool again.

3. Which freedom were you denied as a child that you want to give your child when you have one, e.g., didn’t have a cell phone until you were X years old?

Ash – Honestly my mom gave me more than enough freedoms. Regarding the cell phone, I had one in the 6th grade. Normally something I figure a kid doesn’t need at that point (especially since almost none of my friends had cell phones – my phone time was spent playing Snake). But in my defense it was my mom’s hand me down. And its main purpose was so I could contact her whenever in spite of her having to travel for work and the ongoing divorce. I fully admit I was spoiled. But similar to how a friend recently joked about another friend, “She’s spoiled. Just not a brat.” Hopefully my parents agree.

Something I’ll probably let my kid have at an earlier age than I got is an iPod. But that’s only because those bad boys weren’t launched until 2001 (making me twelve), and I don’t think I got one until a few years after that.

Matt – YOU’RE GIVING OUR CHILD AN IPOD?!?!! Sorry. It keeps things fresh if I instigate. A freedom I was denied….hmmm. Ah yes. A freedom I would give my child would be the freedom to mow the lawn. I started at around 13, I think he/she would benefit from having that freedom about 7 years earlier. This way I can watch TV in peace really get a sense of personal accomplishment and family responsibility engrained in his/her little head.

4. The ability to fly like a bird or swim like a fish – which would you prefer? And does it matter how your life partner answers this question?

Ash – Swim like a fish. I love to travel, but airplanes always make me nervous. Not sure I’d enjoying being able to fly. However, swimming (the relaxing rather than the racing kind) I love. Especially the ocean. Salt water feels great on my skin and makes my hair extra curly. But I think I’d be willing to fly if that was the difference between being with Matt or not. Although consider carefully, Matt. I’d like to point out that under the sea “we got not troubles. Life is the bubbles.”

Matt – I suppose it would be swimming. I’m a garbage swimmer. Plus, if I felt like flying, all I have to do is swim by the beach goers and jump up into the air (freaking out Chelsea over at Roots&Rings). But then you would have to watch out for sharks and whales and fish nets. Flying would be easier.

5. Favorite comfort food when you are feeling blue? Favorite comfort food when you are feeling sick? Favorite indulgent food when you are feeling naughty?

Matt – Comfort food for feeling blue (or really, anytime) – Chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes and either corn or green beans. When I’m feeling sick? This is a tough one, because I eat so much less when I’m sick. I guess it would have to be Gatorade. I drink the stuff like its going out of style. Love it. When I’m feeling rebellious? Toaster Strudel. Oh my goodness. I hurt thinking about it. Crispy, flaky, doughy, sweetly filled bars of toasted incrediblosity.

Ash – Ice cream could probably be the answer for any of these, but we’ll reserve it as the “naughty” answer. When I’m feeling blue/depressed/stressed, I enjoy a burger. Either that or fried rice. Something about both of those are oddly comforting. As for sick, it’s a toss up between mashed potatoes (especially of the homemade variety) or my mom’s “tuna casserole” (really just Kraft mac ‘n cheese, tuna, and cream of mushroom – tastes a lot better than it probably sounds).

6. Name the photo you want to capture at some time in your lifetime, e.g., top of the Himalayas?

Ash – Okay hopefully this isn’t too odd of an answer. But a picture of Matt napping with our (way off in the future) baby. I look forward to the day I can step into a room and see my husband sleeping while protecting his precious babe. My hormones sing at the thought. I’ll be the weirdo with a comically huge picture of the two of them sleeping hanging in my house. People will stare, and I’ll proudly explain how this is just as breathtaking as any ol’ Himalaya.

Matt – I would love to capture the photo of my golf ball at the bottom of the hole…after a hole in one. I’ve only come close a couple of times, but nowhere near close enough.

7. I would like you to ask your readers to name their favorite book so we will have something new to read after Mockingjay.

Ash – Oooooooh. I like this question. Please make some suggestions? I could always use a good read, and I’m even willing to have any suggestions count toward my 101 in 1001.

8. What is your ideal home? Ranch with lots of space for “fetch” and football? Apartment in the heart of the action with a fabulous view? Houseboat, perhaps? RV with WiFi? Treehouse?

Matt – I definitely need a yard to throw a ball around, and flat area of concrete for a future basketball goal. Everything else is negotiable. Except for Ash. She’s not.

Ash – Well the Pioneer Woman makes the ranch life look awfully fun, but could I convince someone else to herd my animals? I like the room for gardens and running around though. Probably a decent sized house (let me be extra vague and say not too big and not too small). Maybe in a smaller community but with access to a larger city. Probably with a pool if we are in Texas (and assuming we can afford it). But as long as I have Matt and am somewhere near my family that is my ideal home.

9. If you were in Hunger Games, which character would you be and why?

Ash – Katniss. Who doesn’t want to be the main character? Assuming they are the same sex as you – after all, I’m guessing Matt might not want to be Katniss. Also assuming they’re somewhat likable and not annoying (cough*Bella Swan*cough). Mostly I’d choose Katniss because I can’t really relate to any of the other characters. I don’t think of myself as a Peeta, Gale, or Prim.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about please read this book. In fact, if you’re my real life friend, I’ll happily let you borrow it.)

Matt – I have a feeling I would be Gale, the friend from District 12. I wouldn’t be Peeta, I’m not country strong like him. But I’m crafty.

10. Name something that made you smile in the last 24 hours.

Ash – I feel like I smiled all day long. I was super productive and even had enough time to see a movie. But probably my favorite moments of the day? When Matt came over in the morning with these:

They're beautiful and some of them are still opening.

And then when my neighbor called us last night to ask if we wanted to pick up this:

Homemade tres leches. She makes the best. Who cares if I'm full from dinner?

Matt – The fact that I get to eat what’s pictured above in a few hours. Score.

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  1. August 10, 2010 5:41 pm

    I’ve never had tres leches cake…it’s definitely on my “to bake” list.

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