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7 Quick Takes (23)

August 13, 2010

Ash –

Good afternoon y’all. Friday at last. Although in my case, I really wish it would slow down. Only one more week (plus this weekend) to go before the fall semester! Kind of nervous, excited, and dreading it. Mostly dreading it. But we’ll let that slide for the moment. Here’s some tidbits from our week.

1. Matt – I just wanted to thank all of you who commented about my little episode yesterday morning. I’m feeling perfectly fine now, more confused than anything. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before!?! I can’t imagine living with those. To anybody who gets migraines on a regular basis, I am so sorry. If there is anything I can do, I will do my best. Build you a dark room? Bring you over some medicine? It really freaks me out that people get those sometimes daily. Wow.

2. Ash – With an empty fridge (aside from the tres leches from my neighbor). And my parents out of town the past few days (happy to say that they come home today), I had three options: starve, eat dog food, or make a grocery run. The dog food wasn’t entirely out of the question. One of our dogs gets baby food (another story for another time). But I decided to go with Whole Foods.

My favorite find of the trip? Red currants! I’m not sure when was the last time I saw these in a Texas grocery store. Typically I only see red currants in Europe (a combination of family vacations and visiting relatives). Not so surprising. According to Wikipedia, they’re actually native to Europe. Might explain why they don’t seem to be nearly as popular in the U.S. If you like tart berries though, these are great. I’ve been having them with breakfast almost every day this week.

Plain Greek yogurt, lots of blueberries, and red currants. Yum!

3. Matt – BEACH DAY! For the last time in 2010, we are headed down to Galveston Island for my best man’s birthday celebration. The old guy is turning 22…his last year before he goes off to be brainwashed by Texas A&M. I really tried to prevent it. Anyways, after the beach he might drag us old practically-married types out to a dance club where we can stand around and be exhausted. I swear after Ashley and I had been together for about a year or so, neither of us can comfortably stay out at night past 10pm. It’s really, really sad.

4. Ash – This week we met with the recommended officiant for our wedding venue. I want to be upfront and say we liked him but…. we didn’t really connect. Without a doubt, this guy knew his business. He had binders to show us, videos for us to watch, a website filled with examples, sample programs for us to take home. But with other vendors, we just knew when we’d found the right person. Didn’t get that same feeling with this guy. So the search continues. Instead we asked friends and family to give us church recommendations. Leaving us a couple new places check out. You know where to find us this Sunday. In church with a couple small prayers that God helps us find the person meant to officiate our wedding.

5. Matt – You probably already know that Ash and I are pretty solid fans of So You Think You Can Dance. We managed to catch a recording of this weeks final performances just in time to watch the finale live.


For those of you who’ve watched it, the blonde girl ( I can’t think of her name) was way better than other finalists. She definitely deserved to win. Way more versatile (read “attractive”) than the two other guys. Very glad she got the win.

On a related note, I’m pretty sure Ash now can add Kat Deely to her crush list. Everytime Kat would even glance at the camera, touch somebody else’s hair, smile, tell a joke, or even blink, Ashley would SQUEAALLLLL with delight. “Isn’t she the absolute cutest? OH MY GOD I so love her!!!” I really wasn’t sure if I could respond with the proper amount of enthusiasm (read “enough enthusiasm not to get beat to a pulp”) “Oh yeah babe. She’s awesome!” Sweet. She bought it. And the bonus? She doesn’t know I was doing the same exact thing on the inside.

6. Ash – Getting back to the intro. Schools starts next Monday (the 23rd). But Matt and I head back this Tuesday. Lots of cleaning. Unpacking. Books to pick up. A couple days of orientation for Matt. A training for me. Plus a last “oh my goodness the summer is really over” trip next weekend. Very busy. Very exciting. Very nerve wracking.

Matt is a weirdo and thrilled for the semester to start. Psyched about his internship at the school. I… I’m not so thrilled. I’m a planner. And a worrier. And crazy. So I’m not just thinking about school starting. I’m wondering how I’ll balance my job and traveling to medical school interviews? How hard (or how much of my time) will biochem take? Will my allergies be a major issue especially while I’m on the shots? When will I schedule time to write the first couple chapters of my honors thesis (due by the end of the semester)? And will I still be able to watch Glee on Tuesday nights at 7 (returns in September) or will I have to start watching them online?

I know I sound obsessive. I am. I try not to be. I prefer to think of myself as detail oriented. Good thing is the semester usually looks better or at least more manageable once it starts. But for now I think I’ll cling to summer like a kid to her blanket.

7. Matt – Our friend Lindsay brought our attention to a new movie coming out that stars one of my all time, Jason Bateman as well as Jennifer Aniston. Switch looks like the producers took the characters that made the two famous (Rachel from Friends and Michael from Arrested Development) and placed them in the same story. It looks REALLY promising.

“Oh my God. I have that.”

Have a great weekend everyone and a safe Friday the 13th (just in case you have friggatriskaidekaphobia). Also anything you’d like to ask? Don’t forget to send in some Texas Tuesday questions!

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