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Trying Something New

March 27, 2011

DoubleShot Matt: Well this is kind of neat.

DoubleShot Matt: I guess we should tell the people kind of what is going on here.

doubleshot.ashley: That’s all you considering it’s your idea!

doubleshot.ashley: Also hi everyone 🙂

DoubleShot Matt: Basically, we thought that having a pre-written, proofread blog entry was cool, but pretty ordinary.

DoubleShot Matt: We think it might be a little more entertaining for you guys to be a little more involved, kind of “in” the conversation.

DoubleShot Matt: We’ll give it a try a few times, if it doesn’t work, oh well. We’ll go back to the old DSoT.

DoubleShot Matt: But that being said, WE’RE BACK!

doubleshot.ashley: And y’all know Matt. “Ordinary” things just don’t cut it. You’re talking to the guy who is currently living off of pepperoni tortilla sandwiches.

doubleshot.ashley: Although for the record I did miss you guys.

DoubleShot Matt: See? You’re getting the hang of it.

DoubleShot Matt: I’m thinking we might make this particular style of writing a once a week deal.

DoubleShot Matt: We probably won’t be able to blog at the same feverish pace we used to. Maybe 3 times a week nowadays?

doubleshot.ashley: Sure. Y’all would enjoy reading about healthcare economics and medical Spanish, right? Maybe my honors thesis which I officially defend in less than a month?

DoubleShot Matt: Speaking of which, it’s been a while since we’ve updated everyone on what’s going on. Ash is set to graduate in May, myself in August. Mostly right now it’s trying to find jobs and just graduate.

doubleshot.ashley: And get off of medical school wait lists…

doubleshot.ashley: Or find a job myself…

doubleshot.ashley: Oh and lets not forget this whole “wedding planning” business.

DoubleShot Matt: Ah yes. On that note, we just got back from an incredible experience, our pre-marriage counseling.

DoubleShot Matt: It was a pretty cool day. Even though Ash and I know a lot about each other, I think in just those 7 or so hours, we became even closer.

doubleshot.ashley: I would agree. I think I went in there kind of sad about having to give up my Saturday. Especially the whole not getting to sleep in part. I haven’t gotten to sleep in on the weekend for the past few weeks. For good reasons of course – my bridal shower, a friend’s wedding, etc. But I really REALLY like sleep.

doubleshot.ashley: But the counseling was absolutely wonderful in the end.

DoubleShot Matt: Well I mean it was wonderful at the beginning too…


The snack Matt and I shared. On, I read you should have LOTS of colors in your meals. I'm sure colorful goldfish and "special" dark chocolate were exactly what they meant.

doubleshot.ashley: I don’t think I knew we needed that in preparation for our marriage, but we really did.

doubleshot.ashley: In case you’re wondering, here were our basic topics for the day:

doubleshot.ashley: “When Grace is on the Table” – Basically trying to understand what sins or other obstacles could come between you and your partner. On the flip side, we talked about how grace is always present in the relationship and even practiced praying for/with our respective partners (for the record, we were one of five engaged couples along with two mentor couples).

DoubleShot Matt: The idea of accepting somebody completely, knowing what their faults are is a pretty cool thing.

doubleshot.ashley: “Why Roles Matter” – The respective roles of men vs. women in a Christian marriage. The women and men separated for awhile so they could discuss those different roles and what the greatest struggles might be in fulfilling those roles.

doubleshot.ashley: “Seeking First to Understand” – How to assert what you want in a relationship while also actively listening to your partner. In this one we had to list reasons why we wanted to marry the other person and things we felt that we were bringing to the marriage.

DoubleShot Matt: THIS was my favorite part of the day. Ash and I know how compatible we are. We know that we complement each other where one lacks. But even after reading our lists, the couple observing us said that it was apparent how well we meet each other’s needs. I’m a softy, I know.

doubleshot.ashley: “From Me to We” – A very useful segment on financial management and planning for the couple.

doubleshot.ashley: Important one for us (as people just getting out of college): “Delay self-gratification.” Matt and I know things will have to be tighter once we get married, but as they say, “You can have it all – just not all at once.”

doubleshot.ashley: “Time Together” – A fun session on how to continue dating your spouse even after marriage. We figured out things we enjoy doing together, things each of us would like to pursue as a couple, and what some possible dates could be in the future.

DoubleShot Matt: I mean I started dating her at the beginning, I don’t really plan to stop…

doubleshot.ashley: And then the last one was “Spiritual Practices” – We mostly went over some Bible verses and what their meanings were. The underlying message was to continue our spiritual formation as a couple.

doubleshot.ashley: So despite the lack of extra sleep and the fact we were stuck in one room for seven hours, I had a GREAT time.

DoubleShot Matt: Did you mention the cookies?

doubleshot.ashley: Yes, those chocolate coffee caramel cookies may have helped matters just a little.

doubleshot.ashley: I won’t say how many (that’s between me, God, and my bathroom scale), but lets just say I had a “few.”

DoubleShot Matt: 6. We both had 6.

DoubleShot Matt: Each.

doubleshot.ashley: Traitor!


doubleshot.ashley: Do you feel bad about then eating two burgers for dinner? That’s right. I went there.

doubleshot.ashley: On top of our fun day of pre-marriage discussions, we then went to my house for wedding invitation stuffing PLUS wedding music discussion. Sensing a theme to the day?

doubleshot.ashley: In addition to helping with the invitations, my family kindly made burgers and veggies. Okay. They weren’t really for “us.” They were for my aunt and uncle for building a vegetable garden in our backyard earlier that afternoon. But Matt and I make the most of our opportunities and made sure to rush home after the seminar.

doubleshot.ashley: And yes, when it comes to food we take advantage of all opportunities possible! We’re the people going to free pancake day at IHOP, Tribute Day  at Starbucks, etc. But you’re supposed to be like that in college, right?


Elly also takes advantage of all food opportunities that come her way.

DoubleShot Matt: Speaking of which, I have a massive amount of stuff to do for tomorrow’s school day. Time to call it quits. Hope you enjoyed the new style. Let us know what you think!

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  1. March 30, 2011 6:21 am

    You’re back!!!!!! So when is the big day again???

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