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About Us!

Not the church we're getting married at but still adorable. Love the Houston skyline.

How might you describe such a lovable looking couple? We’re twenty-something and go to Baylor University in Waco, Texas (although we’re both from Houston – hence the TEXAS part of the blog name). Oh did we mention we’re addicted to coffee? And are newlyweds-to-be? Yeah between the caffeine jitters, wedding planning, and mountains of homework, we keep fairly busy. However we love to share our lives and stories with our friends and family!

The following (about Matt) is written by Ashley.

Who is Matt you ask? The best fiancée a girl could ask for. A senior at Baylor. More specifically a Business and Secondary Education major. Meaning he can teach business classes to high schoolers. Which he can’t wait to do. Also loves all things basketball. Which explains why he hopes to be a high school basketball coach in addition to his teaching. And has coached a YMCA team for two summers. Plus is the new vice president of Bear Pit.

What are some of Matt’s favorite things? Hearing me laugh. Such as when he spills food on himself. Which he is known to do now and then at almost every meal. Drinking coffee. At home. At Starbucks. At Common Grounds. Any time of the day. Whether he needs it or not. Which goes ditto for sleeping. Especially if he had a Husky puppy to cuddle with. Or a Goldendoodle.

A few other things you should know about Matt? An avid golfer. Who takes pride in how loud he sneezes (a father-son thing I raise my eyebrow at but accept). A cinnamon enthusiast.  Not to mention devoted to all things peanut butter. A kid-like addiction to video games. Often referred to as “the boy,” Huey, and Casper. And an all around good guy. Hang  around and get to know him!

Opposite of before. The following (about Ashley) is written by Matt.

If Ashley has one thing, its determination. By golly this girl is getting into medical school no matter who says what. The cool part? Her major describes her perfectly. Medical humanities goes beyond the scientific aspect of medicine and delves into the relationship between the doctor and the patient. I couldn’t think of a better fit. Ashley has really actually shown me better how our lives are really defined by who we share them with and how we share them. It takes a pretty smart person (in many ways) to get that. I’m glad I’ve got her.

That being said, she’s certifiably insane. She loves to workout and hates to run. She wouldn’t last long without a scoop of ice cream here and there. Iced coffee, not hot. It has been decided that a funny movie trumps most all others. DVD’s of the movies and shows that a person loves are meant to be owned (this is a new concept for me). Once you start something, stick with it until it’s finished. Unless of course that means stopping halfway from Waco to Houston to grab a Starbucks. Loyal to the very end, cutest giggle ever. If you have the chance, stick around. She’ll make it worthwhile.


If you would like to shoot us an e-mail, send it to And of course always feel free to comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Judi Brenstein permalink
    June 28, 2010 7:49 am

    Love the new “About Us” It is so the two of “you”

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