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Ash –

New to the Double Shot of Texas? I hear ya. Considering we’re approaching the big 100th post, I definitely don’t expect you to go back and read everything since March. So here are some of our favorites (although I’d also recommend the Texas Tuesdays where we both answer questions submitted by YOU). Hopefully it’ll give you a sense of our writing style and who we are. Enjoy!

Written by Ash:

Sin-namon Rolls

I bake the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls for the first time. Enough said.

The One Where She Turns 21

The one where I’m finally 21 like the rest of the big kids. Although the highlight of my birthday probably wasn’t the drinks so much as my new Kitchen Aid mixer (a.k.a. Candy).

School’s Out With Fever

What started out as a commentary on Glee…. and somehow transformed itself into advice on weight loss and my own story.

This Is You Time

A comparison of Jillian Michael’s “Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism” and “30 Day Shred.” Either way she makes me want to punch the television.

Written by Matt:

Day #365

My tribute to a pretty special girl on her birthday 🙂

Don’t Be Such a Baby

My fun little experiment with my ears.

A Pattern Emerges

When you feel lost as to how to study for finals, I have the solution.

There Went Petter Cottontail!

An all too short recollection of an Easter egg hunt turned competitive.

Wedding Related:

The After Party

A recap of after the engagement party. The end of our engagement theme week.

One Dress to Fit Them All

The tale of the bridesmaids (the best a girl could ask for).

Texas Tuesday (15)

Well if you’re going to do an engagement theme week, you might as well do it right. We even had engagement related questions.

365 and Counting

Our official engagement party. Lots of awesome pictures!

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